The Prosecutor's Office lowers its request for punishment for a person accused of assault on a minor who prostituted himself

The Prosecutor's Office has reduced the request for a penalty of 8 to 7 years for the accused of sexually assaulting the minor who advertised on a website offering sex in exchange for money, as he has made the particular accusation with both this defendant (from 10 to 8), as with the other five for whom he has asked for 1 year and 10 months for having sex with a minor.

Both accusations have recognized that this procedure has been "delayed in time" without just cause and has precisely attributed to this delay the possible "contradictions" and "forgetfulness" that have been seen in the testimony of the young man, who was 15 years old when The events occurred in 2013.

On the contrary, the lawyers of the defense of the six defendants, in addition to requesting that the mitigation of undue delay be applied in the event of a conviction, have agreed that the contradictions have been occurring on each occasion in which the Young has declared, until reaching this trial with a speech "maliciously prepared", according to one of the lawyers.

This is how Thursday concluded the trial that took place during three days at the Audience of Cantabria against six men accused of having relations with a 15-year-old boy who was advertising on a website, one of them also accused of sexually assaulting him and another for offering to get customers and share what you earn.

There have also been discrepancies regarding the interpretation of forensic reports that, for the Prosecutor's Office, make it clear that the appearance and physical development of the alleged victim "corresponded to a person of 16 years of age and not of legal age," while the defenses consider which is a "subjective appreciation", since the development of a 16 year old can be like that of an 18 year old and vice versa.

What the accusations with the defenses have agreed with is that the "workhorse" of this case is that if the accused knew or not that the young man they had contacted was a minor. The Prosecutor's Office has stressed that "deliberate ignorance" cannot benefit the defendants, but the defenses appeal that the young man announced himself as of legal age and that, in such a relationship, "no one is asking for the DNI".

The Prosecutor's Office has affirmed that the facts for which the defendants are accused have been "sufficiently accredited" and, like the private prosecution, has stressed that the information provided at the hearing "provides credibility to the version of the child."

A credibility that has been called into question by the defenses, which have alluded to the report of the Cantabrian Institute of Social Services that, they emphasize, "says that it is manipulative, tending to distort reality at will." And, in addition to underlining his "intellectual capacity," they have added that the report also reflects that the young man is "haughty, arrogant, despotic, cold, distant and lacking in empathy with others."

The moment of greatest tension has been experienced at the end of the trial, when the accused of offering to look for clients to the young person to share the profits, has accepted his "right to the last word". "Justice has been used fraudulently here, with false allegations to victims, that we are, and that we have been in tragedy for six years."

He has questioned the "moral tasting" of those who have denounced them, because "a few days later they killed an old woman in the back, because they believed she had 100,000 euros and only found 40".

Thus he alluded to the case of the two women - one of them the mother of the young man, who is in prison and declared yesterday guarded by the national police - who accompanied by a minor (the now complainant) murdered an 80-year-old woman during a robbery at home

"You disgust me, you scum of shit," shouted then the young man who denounced them and who followed the view from the back of a room, which he left after giving a slam and slamming, "fucking scoundrel."


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