September 19, 2020

The Prosecutor’s Office keeps 140 criminal investigations open to residences

The State Attorney General’s Office maintains at least 140 criminal investigations for the situation created in the nursing homes due to the coronavirus pandemic, an issue that is also in the courts, with 17 procedures underway.

They are data as of May 11, updated this Tuesday by the Public Ministry, which has also promoted 185 civil proceedings with the aim of monitoring the evolution of these centers and their elders in the framework of the protection of their rights as a group in a vulnerable situation. .

Of the 140 criminal investigations currently pending and counted by the Prosecutor’s Office (six more than last week), almost half (69) are in the Community of Madrid, followed by far by Catalonia (24), Castilla-La Mancha ( 14) and Galicia (12) and Castilla y León (11).

For its part, there are five communities in the queue (Andalusia, Asturias, Murcia, Navarra and the Basque Country), which do not have any criminal investigation by the Prosecutor’s Office open today, some of them because they have been archived.

Figures to which must be added the at least 17 procedures opened in the courts of Madrid (6), Castilla y León (4), Cataluña (3), Castilla-La Mancha (2), Extremadura (1) and Galicia (one).

The public ministry explains in a statement that some prosecutors have decreed the archive of investigations that were opened as a result of complaints, “some of them very generic or of a prospective nature”, since when carrying out the necessary checks, no criminal offense has been detected any.

Thus, this week the Prosecutor’s Office has detected a stabilization in the opening of proceedings, both civil and criminal, and even a slight decrease in the latter.

Aside from penalties, the public prosecutor’s office maintains 185 civil proceedings (9 more than last week) as part of the follow-up that prosecutors carry out on the situation of these centers.

In any case, these figures do not correspond to the total number of residences investigated, since in some cases the same investigation brings together several residences or simply follows up on many.


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