The Prosecutor’s Office investigates the neo-Nazi demonstration in Chueca as a hate crime

The Madrid Prosecutor’s Office has opened an investigation into hate crime around the neo-Nazi demonstration last Saturday. The Public Ministry has decided to open proceedings and request information from both the National Police and the Government Delegation about this ultra concentration in which homophobic shouts and chants were heard against the residents of the Chueca neighborhood in Madrid.

The LGTBI paradox in Spain: leader in social progress but scene of cruel homophobic attacks

The LGTBI paradox in Spain: leader in social progress but scene of cruel homophobic attacks

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Dozens of people exhibiting far right symbols and banners They gathered last Saturday in the Madrid neighborhood of Chueca to protest, they said, against the “2030/2050 agendas” of the central executive. Throughout the march, the protesters rebuked several neighbors and yelled openly homophobic shouts and chants such as “out queers from our neighborhoods“and” out of the neighborhoods of Madrid. ”

They also exhibited various far-right symbols and banners with messages about the safety of the city. Some of the concentrates wore tattoos and T-shirts with equally neo-Nazi messages such as flags with the logo of the youth of Spain 2000. The banners also had racist messages relating insecurity and crime to unaccompanied foreign minors in the city.

The Madrid Prosecutor’s Office explains in a statement two days later that it has opened criminal proceedings for a possible hate crime for this type of homophobic chant. He assures that “he has already officiated reports to the Provincial Information Brigade and the Government Delegation to collect information on whether what happened during the march called by the Madrid Seguro group to protest against” 2030/2050 agendas “constitutes a crime of hate”.

The Minister of Equality, Irene Montero, had also announced that would put these facts in the hands of the Public Ministry. Spokespersons for practically all the political parties have spoken to condemn this demonstration and the homophobic shouts in the Chueca neighborhood while, from Vox, its leader Santiago Abascal has affirmed that it is a matter that “stinks of socialist sewer“, pointing to a possible montage.

In the last hours, criticism has also been directed at the Government Delegation in Madrid. Deputies and public officials of Más Madrid, for example, have demanded that Delegate Mercedes González assume responsibility for having allowed the march.


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