The Prosecutor’s Office exonerates Villar Mir in the ‘Lezo case’ but asks to prosecute López Madrid and Ignacio González for the Navalcarnero train

The Anticorruption Prosecutor’s Office has asked the National Court judge Manuel García Castellón to conclude piece number 3 of the ‘Lezo case’, regarding the alleged irregular adjudication of the Navalcarnero train, and proposes to try six people, including the former president of the Community of Madrid Ignacio González and businessman Javier López Madrid, while he anticipates that he does not see enough evidence to accuse the former president of OHL Juan Miguel Villar Mir, reports Europa Press.

Granados denies that he asked López Madrid for a million for the Navalcarnero train

Granados denies that he asked López Madrid for a million for the Navalcarnero train

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Anticorruption considers that the investigation into the payment of an alleged commission of 2.5 million dollars to Ignacio González for the award in 2007 to OHL of the suburban project between the Madrid municipalities of Móstoles and Navalcarnero – which was never completed– it is already concluded. For this reason, it requests the head of the Central Court of Instruction number 6 to issue an order to pass the abbreviated procedure to be able to formulate its accusation letter against six investigated.

Thus, it has announced that it will direct its accusation for the crimes, according to the cases, of influence peddling, bribery and documentary falsification to the former Madrid president Ignacio González – for whom the Prosecutor’s Office is asking for 15 years in prison for two other pieces of the ‘Lezo’ case – ; the former CEO of OHL Javier López Madrid (Villar Mir’s son-in-law); the directors of the construction company Rafael Arturo Martín de Nicolás Cañas and Felicísimo Damián Ramos Ramos; the former manager of Canal Isabel II Ildefonso de Miguel Rodríguez; and the businessman Adrián de la Joya Ruiz de Velasco.

Likewise, the Prosecutor’s Office has advanced that it does not appreciate that there are sufficient evidence to file an accusation against other investigated such as Juan Miguel Villar Mir, who in his various statements before the judge has denied having knowledge of the payment of the commission; the former CEO of the defunct public company Mintra, Jesús Trabada and the former CEO of OHL Tomás García Madrid.

OHL has always defended that in the internal investigation it carried out with respect to this matter, two transfers amounting to 2.5 million dollars were identified for invoices issued and accounted for by Lauryn Group without any indication that they could be related to illegal acts or illicit of any kind.

Plan to secure award

The Prosecutor’s Office explains in a statement that the investigation has revealed that the award of this contract “allegedly obeyed a plan devised” by Javier López Madrid and the former General Director of National Construction at OHL Rafael Arturo Martín de Nicolás Cañas to “ensure the initial award and obtain the subsequent authorization of a contractual modification “.

To achieve this purpose, says the Public Ministry, both investigated allocated 2.5 million dollars to the payment of an illicit commission among whose beneficiaries were Ildefonso de Miguel and Ignacio González, who then held the position of vice president of the Community of Madrid and he presided over the public water company.

Thus, in order to execute this plan and carry out the payment of said commission, all of these investigated had the “essential collaboration” of the then director of Management Control of the construction company, Felicísimo Damián Ramos Ramos, and the businessman Adrián de la Joya.

Judge García Castellón has already sent to trial the first two pieces of this case on corruption in Canal Isabel II, related to the purchase with public funds of the Brazilian company Emissao and the Colombian Inassa for which 29 sit on the bench. people. For these facts, Anticorrupción requests 15 years in prison for Ignacio González.


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