The Prosecutor's Office detects 68 investigations into abuses in religious institutions throughout the country

The Prosecutor's Offices throughout the country have detected 68 ongoing investigations into sexual abuse of minors committed within religious institutions. This is how the Public Ministry explains it in a statement that collects all the cases sent by the territorial sections, at the same time that they affirm that "it is time to carry out a qualitative analysis of them in order to study and dimension the phenomenon of the procedures in process ". The statistics include not only those that occurred, supposedly, within the Catholic Church but also, for example, in religious schools or within other congregations.

Santiago, victim of abuse at La Salle San Fernando: "40 years ago brother Juan Antonio ended my life"

Santiago, victim of abuse in La Salle San Fernando: "40 years ago brother Juan Antonio ended my life"

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The information requested by the Prosecutor's Office covered criminal proceedings initiated both in a court and in the Prosecutor's Office itself and "which have as their purpose the clarification of complaints and/or complaints for the alleged commission of aggression and sexual abuse of minors within the congregations, schools or any other religious institution". In recent weeks, the different territorial prosecutor's offices have been sending the data, the last yesterday the one in Madrid.

The Prosecutor's Office reveals that the only autonomous communities where no ongoing investigations have been detected have been Asturias, Cantabria, Navarra, La Rioja and Extremadura. The one that has registered the most, with 14 cases, has been the Public Prosecutor's Office of Catalonia. Madrid claims to have detected eight, another seven in Galicia and another six in Andalusia.

The request from the Prosecutor's Office came after the newspaper El País sent the authorities a report that reflected more than 250 complaints of abuses committed within the Catholic Church. In parallel, in the Congress of Deputies, the parliament has admitted for processing a request from United We Can, ERC and EH Bildu to create a parliamentary commission on these abuses.

It remains to be seen now if the Prosecutor's Office makes any determination on these 68 cases of pederasty detected in religious environments. This is the first official quantification that is made in our country from the judicial sphere since neither the Registry of Convicts nor the compendiums of the Public Ministry collect, until now, a statistic that differentiates between the general cases of abuse of minors and those that are committed by religious or in religious institutions.

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