Thu. Dec 5th, 2019

The Prosecutor's Office asks the Supreme Court to investigate Laura Borràs

The Prosecution has requested Supreme Court to investigate the spokeswoman for JxCat Laura Borràs and request the supplicatory to the Congress of Deputies to cite you to testify as investigated. This has been stated by the Public Ministry after receiving the reasoned statement of the holder of the court of instruction number 9 of Barcelona for the alleged irregular contracts when Borràs presided over the Catalan Lletres Institution (ILC).

As a deputy in Congress, Borràs is graduated and can only be investigated by the Supreme. The Prosecutor's Office now confirms what the judge has said and sees evidence of the crime of prevarication, embezzlement, administrative fraud and falsification in commercial documents.

The alleged crime

Irregular hiring at the Institution of Catalan Lletres

The prosecutor's office of Barcelona already asked a few weeks ago for the Supreme Court to take charge of the investigation for these contracts. The cause investigates the alleged irregular hiring for the reform and the creation of official web pages from the possible fractionation of the orders to reduce the cost and not have to make public tenders during the Borràs stage in front of the Institution of the Catalan Lletres, a position he held between 2013 and 2018.

In its brief, the Prosecutor's Office analyzes 18 files from 2013 to 2018, and considers that the JxCat leader “proposed the hiring, agreed to the award, resolved to approve the expense, certified the total or partial execution of the service to make the payment of the invoice presented by the successful tenderer, he formed the corresponding invoice and finally authorized its payment, as can be seen from the content of each of the contracted files involved. ”

The accusation

Splitting several payments to avoid public tender

The prosecutor believes that Borràs, "abusing his functions and based on a previous personal and professional relationship", was also agreed with the researcher Isaías Herrero, a computer specialist by profession, "to cover up a multiannual and recurring contractual relationship between the ILC and the latter. latest. They suspect that the contracting of services “that actually obeyed the same operational or functional unit, specifically the creation, implementation and development of the ILC portal, was divided illegally for several years and in several contracts of less than 18,000 euros. the creation and development of several literary years. ”

In this way it was avoided that the adjudication was made through public tender. "Illegal fractionation that, in turn, masked by awarding contracts to suppliers supposedly other than Herrero, when in fact through these they also proved to be the winner."

Borràs Participation

The Prosecutor's Office maintains that the JxCat leader not only knew the fractionation system but also participated in it. "Borràs established by common agreement with Herrero appropriate concepts and amounts to justify the award directly or indirectly to him through those persons or entities", includes the letter sent to the Supreme Court.

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