The Prosecutor’s Office asks the judge of the ‘Neurona case’ to check if an adviser from Podemos worked as a caregiver for Montero’s daughter

The Prosecutor’s Office urges the Madrid judge investigating Podemos, Juan José Escalonilla, to open a separate piece to investigate the alleged hiring of party workers for “personal services” by Irene Montero; in donations to two foundations close to training, the Pablo Freire popular school and the 25M Foundation; and in the alleged irregular collection of costs by some of its members. This is stated by the prosecutor in the case in a letter sent to the court where she opposes that the “new facts” that the former attorney of Podemos Mónica Carmona transferred in a letter to the court are filed without further ado, as claimed by Podemos.

The Madrid Court orders the reopening of the investigation into the Podemos 'solidarity fund'

The Madrid Court orders the reopening of the investigation into the Podemos ‘solidarity fund’

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Carmona, who was fired in December 2019, stated in that document that “Irene Montero would have hired a party member as a caregiver for her children.” The prosecutor recalls that she provided documentation that Montero traveled with her daughter and adviser to a campaign event and that she also assured that she had learned “from news in the press of a similar situation in relation to another person who was a member of the party that according to the news would act as an escort “of the minister.

In the same writing, she also alluded to the collection of costs by party officials who had been defended not by private lawyers but by the party itself and the donations to the Pablo Freire school and the 25M Foundation, which she linked to a “fraudulent use.” from the ‘solidarity fund’, the fund to which party leaders donate their salaries to be used for social projects.

The Prosecutor’s Office considers that Carmona’s brief is an “extension” of the complaint that was presented at the time by the former lawyer of Podemos José Manuel Calvente and that a “pronouncement” on these facts is necessary to see “if they have the character of a crime and if they must be investigated in the present proceeding ”. The complaint that Calvente presented to the Civil Guard in December 2019 has given rise to a procedure in which the party as a legal person and several senior officials are charged.


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