The Prosecutor's Office asks López Madrid and Villarejo for 13 years in prison for coercion and injury to Dr. Pinto

The Prosecutor's Office asks López Madrid and Villarejo for 13 years in prison for coercion and injury to Dr. Pinto

The Madrid Prosecutor's Office asks for 13 years and two months in prison for the businessman Javier López Madrid and the retired police officer José Manuel Villarejo for the harassment and injuries caused to Dr. Elisa Pinto. This is the original cause in which the aforementioned participate, the woman as a victim and the two men as investigated, which has been instructed for seven years in the Investigating Court number 39 of Madrid.

The message to López Madrid from the police officer who was investigating him for harassing Dr. Pinto: "We are going to win this game"

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In its indictment, the Public Ministry speaks of "repeated" threats and coercion against the dermatologist so that she would not report the harassment to which Juan Miguel Villar Mir's son-in-law was subjecting her and which included warnings to one of the doctor's children , ten years old then, at the school gate. The Prosecutor's Office also considers that there is evidence to charge for the attack with a knife that the doctor suffered and that she attributes to Commissioner Villarejo in person.

The Prosecutor's Office asks for three years for each one for a continued crime of coercion, one year and eight months for threats, one year and six months for a crime against the Administration of Justice and two crimes of injuries each punished with three years and six months. from jail

The crime of bribery for the alleged hiring of Villarejo, an active official at the time, by López Madrid in relation to the same "harassment", is investigated in a separate piece of the Tándem case in the National Court. Judge Manuel García Castellón issued an order to pass to an abbreviated procedure, the equivalent of processing for crimes punishable by less than nine years, last July and in February of this year the Criminal Chamber rejected the businessman's last resort, which leads the case to trial.

In the letter by which the Madrid Prosecutor's Office requests the sentences of 13 years and two months in prison, it explains that the events date back to 2012. The doctor and the businessman met because he and his family went to the clinic where she worked as a dermatologist. The following year, the two began a "close" friendship and in September 2013, the woman "began receiving gifts, risque messages, reciprocal sexually explicit photographs or having deliberately casual encounters in public places (stores, restaurants and workplace). )”, collects the note. In addition, she adds, during that period there were “long” phone calls and e-mail relationships between us.

At that time, the businessman contacted Villarejo, then assigned to the Police Operative Deputy Directorate, with the task of harassing the woman, preventing her from denouncing him and, in the event that this occurred, discrediting such complaints. From September to December 2013, López Madrid called the woman, warned her that he had hired a commissioner of "the sewers of the State" and that he was a specialist in generating false alibis and putting "chulas" like her in their place. .

The height of the harassment occurred in two attacks suffered by the doctor, reports the Prosecutor's Office. On January 13, 2014, a man got into the seat behind his car and “wielding a knife” stuck it in his shoulder while telling him “you are defenseless”. The following April 10, Pinto got out of the vehicle to look for the booster seat of one of his children and a man cut him in the abdomen while saying: "López Madrid wants you to shut up."

Before that, in the fall of 2013, the doctor had started receiving calls. “Bitch, don't go near Javier. It's worth mother taking you ahead, ”said a distorted woman's voice in one of the ones the woman received on her mobile and on her home landline. Other phone calls to mobile phones were made from mobile terminals with cards purchased under a false identity.

The harassment included a visit to the doctor's office by López Madrid and Commissioner Villarejo. In this version, the Madrid Prosecutor's Office differs from Anticorruption, who in his indictment at the National Court indicates that the businessman was accompanied by Rafael Redondo, the lawyer who worked with Villarejo in his companies. In any case, the doctor was warned during that visit that the police were aware of what she was supposedly doing, harassing López Madrid, according to him, and that they would visit her. In the following days, several unknown persons continued to harass the doctor "at the request of the accused," adds the Madrid Prosecutor's Office.

Between December 20 and March 29, 2014, the Prosecutor's Office recorded eleven threats. One of them is the visit of a man at the school gate to tell his ten-year-old son: "We are also waiting for you." Until the beginning of 2015, the calls continued with messages such as “we are going to kill you” or “crazy Jewish bitch”.

"That your son was in front was not an accident"

In other communications, those who threatened were more specific: “Do you know that the person who pays us went to see the game in Lisbon in a private plane while you remain locked up? Remember: money and power. You are dead". On another occasion they wrote to him: “That your son was in front was not an accident... Pain... More and more pain... You have changed their school. Do you think he is safer?

The Prosecutor's Office concludes that all these acts altered the woman's sense of security and peace "trying to prevent her from acting freely." She adds that they were "insistent" and "repeated" actions that "seriously" altered her life and that of her family. "She had to hire private security, her children stopped going to the park and she stopped driving for at least six years," adds the Public Ministry.

Between December 21, 2013 and April 11, 2014, the doctor reported the events to the police station fifteen times without obtaining any results. Those complaints were taken up by the Ministry of the Interior led by Jorge Fernández Díaz and Francisco Martínez to redirect the investigation in order to save Villarejo, one of the members of the political brigade they used to attack the opposition. In those maneuvers they implicated a commissioner, currently in charge of the central district police station in Madrid, Alberto Carba, as revealed by

The opening of the case against López Madrid in the Court of Instruction number 39 of Madrid was followed by another in which the doctor was the one investigated in number 26 and which is still open, despite the conclusions reached in the investigation that has caused the request for 13 years in prison by the Prosecutor's Office against López Madrid and Villarejo.

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