The Prosecutor’s Office appeals for the second time the acquittal of Xabi Alonso for fraud

Xabi Alonso, during the trial

Xabi Alonso, during the trial

The Prosecutor’s Office has appealed the second sentence of the Provincial Court of Madrid that acquitted the ex-footballer Xabi Alonso to defraud tax authorities two million euros between 2010 and 2012, by not declaring five million euros for image rights, and has asked again that the trial be repeated.

The Madrid audience acquitted twice -the last one at the beginning of this month of April- to Xabi Alonso, current coach of the Real Sociedad subsidiary, to his tax advisor, lawyer Iván Zaldúa, and to Ignasi Maestre, the then manager of a company in Madeira (Portugal), to which the former footballer gave his image rights in 2009, when he played for English Liverpool. After the first acquittal, the Superior Court of Justice of Madrid forced the Provincial Court to pass another sentence with a new legal motivation and this same month the Court acquitted the athlete again.

As it did with the first acquittal, the Public Ministry has requested the nullity of the sentence and has assured that “a large part of the court’s conclusions do not obey logic, omitting relevant data. In the appeal, the Prosecutor’s Office explains that the fundamental basis of the acquittal comes to consider that the Kardzai entity carried out the exploitation of the image rights of the former player.

As he points out, this company subcontracted to The Best of You, “this being the one that, in most cases, carried out the negotiations with the companies that hired Xabi Alonso to carry out advertising activities.” In addition, he has asked that the evidentiary elements are analyzed “in a logical and reasonable way” in a new trial with a different composition of the court.


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