The Prosecutor's Office agreed with 10 defendants in Gürtel's trial for the Pope's visit

The Anti-Corruption Prosecutor's Office has reached agreements in accordance with a dozen of the 23 defendants who will sit on the bench starting next Monday to be tried for the hiring of the Gürtel plot for events held on the occasion of the Pope's visit to Valencia in 2006 .

As the Cadena Ser has advanced and legal sources have been confirmed to Efe, the Prosecutor's Office has reached agreements with more than a dozen defendants and hopes that there will be even more that accept a conformity before this trial, whose main defendant is the former president of the Valencian Courts and former General Director of the Police, Juan Cotino, who faces 11 years in jail.

The agreement implies, in exchange for a reduction in prison sentences, the full return of the money from which they have benefited and the recognition of the facts in the terms established in the indictment of the Anti-Corruption Prosecutor's Office.

The facts for which they are accused focuses on the rental of screens, maintenance and public address, whose cost -7 million euros- was allegedly set by the accused, who allegedly decided to be assumed by the public entity RTVV, which in turn It would award through Teconsa, Gürtel's display company.

According to the Public Ministry, Juan Cotino; Álvaro Pérez, The Whiskers; Pablo Crespo; Francisco Correa and the former director of Valencian public television (RTVV) Pedro García Gimeno - to whom the prosecutor asks for the greatest penalty (40 years) - "agreed" to attribute to RTVV the cost of that contract to "seize directly from public funds" of the Valencian television.

Thus, according to the prosecutor, García Gimeno managed to "subtract public funds" from the RTVV for 3.3 million euros, which was shared with Correa, Crespo, El Bigotes and Ramón Blanco Balín.

Regarding Cotino, the Prosecutor's Office notes that, "despite not holding any position in the Foundation of the Valencian Community V World Meeting of the Family (organizer of the event), nor being part of their powers as a minister, actively promoted and managed de facto contracting of the acts of the visit "of the Pope.

"He directed the decisions on the contracts of the Foundation and the decision to contract the installation of giant screens and public address services so that those attending the event would see the Pope on his way, with an illicit disbursement of 7,593,600 euros public," of which Correa, Crespo, El Bigotes, Blanco Balín and former director of the RTVV Pedro García "distributed at least 3,300,000," says the Prosecutor's Office.


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