July 30, 2021

The prosecutor who asked to reject the complaints against the Government for the management of COVID-19 accuses two colleagues of trying to “influence” his decision

The lieutenant prosecutor of the Supreme Court, Luis Navajas, has assured this Monday in an interview in Zero Wave that two fellow prosecutors from the High Court “ideologically contaminated” tried to “influence” him on how he had to act in relation to the complaints filed against the Government for the management of COVID-19. In a lengthy report released a week ago, Navajas asked deny those complaints considering that it is not possible to attribute to the Executive the thousands of crimes of homicide or injuries attributed to them by some of the plaintiffs, Vox among them, and described their management as “suitable or, at least, reasonable” during the pandemic.

The Prosecutor's Office asks the Supreme Court to file the complaints against the Government for the management of the pandemic

The Prosecutor’s Office asks the Supreme Court to file the complaints against the Government for the management of the pandemic

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This decision generated a certain commotion in the institution and some prosecutors – under anonymity – criticized it in the media. This fact has outraged Navajas, close to retirement, and in recent days he has not hesitated to charge against some of his colleagues. The prosecutor has specifically cited Consuelo Madrigal, who was state attorney general between 2014 and 2016, appointed by Mariano Rajoy, as one of the people who, along with another prosecutor that he has not identified, went to his office to “advise and influence him ”On how it should address the twenty complaints filed.

In his opinion, Madrigal is “contaminated” because last May he published an article in The world in which he censored certain government decisions and questioned the use of the state of alarm during the pandemic. Article 63.12 of the Tax Statute considers a serious offense “to direct to the powers, authorities or public officials or official corporations congratulations or censures for their actions, invoking the status of prosecutor, or using that condition”.

“With this troop I can’t go to war,” Navajas assured. In this way, it has justified that a Board of Prosecutors, the highest advisory body of the career, was not held to debate the report on the complaints as requested by the conservative and majority Association of Prosecutors. The lieutenant prosecutor has also assured that, had this body been held, there would have been “leaks.” In addition, he recalled that the Board of Prosecutors was not convened in the case of other complaints filed against other governments. For example, in which some groups filed against the Government of José María Aznar for the participation of Spain in the Iraq war and which ended up being rejected by the Supreme Court.


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