The Prosecutor opens proceedings for a complaint of homophobia against Arcadi Espada

The Office of the Public Prosecutor of Barcelona has opened proceedings for a complaint by the Crida LGBTI of the Esquerra Independentista against the journalist Arcadi Espada for an article published in the newspaper El Mundo in which he called "mariconazo" the spokesman of ERC in the Congress, Gabriel Rufián , and sends it to the Prosecutor's Office of Madrid.

In this article, according to the prosecutor, it was stated: "Aznar was wrong with Rufián." Rufián has to be answered in the parliamentary office saying: "The cock, fag, how do you prefer to eat it: at one stroke or times ?, while one goes smiling delicately on his face. "

According to the whistleblowers, the prosecutor agreed to "process the complaint by initiating investigative proceedings" and delegated to the Hate and Discrimination Offenses Service actions to clarify the facts and exercise, where appropriate, the actions that may correspond.

The Prosecutor's Office considers that, as the publishing company of the newspaper El Mundo has its headquarters in Madrid, "it is the place where the hypothetical crime denounced would be committed and consummated", for which it considers "advisable that the investigation continue in the Provincial Prosecutor's Office of Madrid because its jurisdiction is in better conditions to agree, in its case, the proceedings that definitively allow the clarification of the facts ".

Also in relation to this article, the association LGTB Acrópoli filed a complaint, last September, before the Public Prosecutor's Office of Madrid and before the Ministry of Social Policies and Family of the Community of Madrid.

In Catalonia, the general directorate of Equality of the Generalitat opened informative inquiries when observing indications that the article could violate the law against homophobia.


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