The prosecutor lowers the requests of jail for all the accused of the Osasuna case - La Provincia

The prosecutor of the case Osasuna has modified its conclusions and has reduced the jail request for all those accused of the Osasuna case when contemplating the mitigation of undue delays when they understand that "the present case should and could have been prosecuted before the current date".

In addition, in the case of former manager Ángel Vizcay downgrades his request from 14 years and 4 months to five years and 11 months in prison by contemplating, in addition to the mitigation of undue delay, the mitigation of confession and collaboration before the authorities.

This has been shown by the prosecutor in its final conclusions, in which it considers that Vizcay "voluntarily attended the League and counted and explained the money withdrawals that had been made during the two seasons (2012-2013 and 2013-2014) of the club accounts, acknowledging having paid certain amounts of money to other rival clubs to determine sports results and ensure permanence of the club that was at serious risk of descent. "

As stated by the representative of the Fiscal Ministry, "this confession allowed the League to interpose a criminal complaint to the courts that accumulated to the complaint that Osasuna filed. "

"The defendant throughout the investigation has collaborated with the authorities providing concrete data and precise that it has allowed to advance with the investigation and recognizing crimes that have allowed to impute to the remaining accused. In the trial, she has continued to maintain the same collaborative attitude, "said the prosecutor in her final conclusions, once the statements have been concluded as witnesses at the trial.


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