Mon. Mar 30th, 2020

The prosecutor lowers the jail request for Xabi Alonso to two and a half years

The prosecutor has reduced to two and a half years in prison the request for jail for former soccer player Xabi Alonso for allegedly defrauding the Treasury two million euros during the years of 2010, 2011 and 2012, years in which he was a Real Madrid player. The representative of the Prosecutor's Office has requested the same penalty for his tax advisor, lawyer Iván Zaldúa, and for Ignasi Maestre, the then administrator of a company based in Madeira (Portugal) to which the player from San Sebastian gave his image rights in 2009 when in Liverpool he received the offer to sign for Real Madrid.

In each case, it is about half of the sentence initially requested by the Prosecutor, which, in its final report, has taken into account the repair of the damage caused. The Prosecutor's Office maintains that with the objective of evading taxes in Spain, the defendants constituted said company in Madeira so that Alonso made an “apparent” transfer of image rights to it while still residing in Liverpool, but that he maintained the structure for the following years at least until 2012 when he was already a Spanish resident when he moved to Madrid.

Xabi Alonso arrived this morning at the Provincial Court of Madrid "with the same will" as yesterday, defend his innocence. "I arrive with the same will yesterday," said the current coach of the subsidiary of the Royal Society at the entrance of the hearing.

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