The prosecutor increases to 18 and a half years the request for jail for Millán | sports

The prosecutor increases to 18 and a half years the request for jail for Millán | sports

On the last day of the trial, like the first, Miguel Ángel Millán, 68, pleaded not guilty, denying that he had sexually abused two minor athletes trained in Tenerife. On the last day of the trial held at the Provincial Court of Tenerife under the presidency of Judge Joaquín Astor Landete, the prosecuting prosecutor, however, increased his request for punishment, going from the initial 12 years (three for the abuses to E., one of the young people who denounced him, and nine for his acts towards P., the other young person) to 18 years and six months, nine and three months for each of the crimes of continued abuse that he considers, after six days of sessions, that had the same severity.

The private accusation of the two young complainants, represented by the lawyer Pedro Revilla, maintained its initial petition of 21 years, 10 for each one of the crimes of continued sexual abuse, and one for the exhibition of pornographic material to minors. Likewise, the private prosecution demanded that the Spanish athletics federation and the Athletics Club Tenerife Caja Canarias, of which the technician and the victims were part, be declared responsible for the compensation that was decided. To this request of civil responsibility the prosecutor of the case was also added, Carlos Eguiluz.

Millán is in custody in the prison of Tenerife for more than two years, since January 7, 2017. The prosecutor, who has estimated that there was a risk of escape since the defendant owns a house in Morocco, has refused always to your requests for freedom.

Such was the weight of the testimony of the 13 witnesses-victims, two complainants and 11 victims who could not report because their cases had been prescribed.

The judge declared the case victo for sentencing. The court will issue its verdict in the coming weeks. "The trial was not very complicated and the second criminal courtroom, which prosecuted Millán, is usually quick," judicial sources indicated.

The increase of fiscal request is due to the fact that after the exhibition of evidence tests and the testimonies of witnesses, psychologists and experts, it considers that in both cases, in E. and in P., there was sexual contact in which Millán took advantage of his ascendancy over the victims. Consent is not valued in crimes against minors unless there is a lack of explicit consent, which would make the alleged crime become a sexual assault, more punishable than abuses.

In the sixth and final session of the trial, which took place behind closed doors, Millán refused to answer the questions of the private accusation. He responded only to the prosecutor and his defense attorneys. He denied so much the testimony of the two young people of Tenerife who accused him in August and December 2016 of abuses allegedly committed between 2010 and 2015, like that of three other athletes from Tenerife, who confessed abuses suffered a decade earlier, and had already prescribed , like that of eight athletes from Alhama de Murcia, his first destiny as a coach, among which was the decathlon Olympic runner-up Antonio Peñalver, who declared to have suffered abuses by Millán in the 80s, more than 30 years ago. years. Two of them declared by videoconference, but the others went to Tenerife to give more strength to their testimony with their physical presence. His word helped the court to verify that Millán's way of operating had not changed in more than three decades.

The lawyer of the Spanish federation, which may have to face a compensation of 60,000 euros, denied any responsibility of the agency in the facts, despite Millán, who was dismissed in December 1992 as a federation technician, when a scandal erupted in Alhama the authorities silenced and did not denounce, he returned to practice as an athletics trainer and came to occupy the position of national coach of combined tests until November 2016. José María Odriozola, the president who fired him and re-admitted, denied by videoconference to have some time knowledge of the facts that were reproached to Millán.

The technician's defense requested his acquittal.

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