October 31, 2020

The Prosecutor imputes the former president of Volkswagen for fraud

The Prosecutor imputes the former president of Volkswagen for fraud

The Prosecutor of Braunschweig (north) has opened this Monday summary against the former president of Volkswagen Martin Winterkorn and four other people by alleged scam in the scandal for the manipulation of emissions in diesel engines in that German manufacturer. A Winterkorn, who resigned in 2015 in the wake of that scandal, impute scam to a serious degree and have violated the laws against unfair competition, according to the statement issued today by the Office of the Prosecutor. The accusation also includes the charges of embezzlement, tax evasion and falsification of documents, for an estimated period between November 2006 and September 2015.

The tax department, on whose accusatory statement the relevant court must decide, considers that Winterkorn he swindled because since April 2014 he knew about those manipulations, but he did not communicate them immediately. Instead, VW developed in November 2014, under the responsibility and knowledge of Winterkorn, a software supposedly updated and valued at 23 million euros, which actually served to maintain the deception of the manipulations.

The Prosecutor's Office opened investigations against Winterkorn in 2017, in parallel to the series of proceedings conducted by the United States Justice and other German prosecutors in relation to the diesel scandal, reports Efe.

The case of the broadcasts came to light in September 2015, as a result of investigations undertaken in the United States, followed by the resignation of the then president, despite the fact that he claimed he was not responsible for what happened, and other executives allegedly responsible. VW admitted at the time that hundreds of thousands of vehicles of the group's brands with 2-liter diesel engines were equipped with software to circumvent emissions testing.


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