August 12, 2020

The prosecutor for the Lava Jato case in Peru warns of infiltrated "informants"

Prosecutor José Domingo Pérez, part of the tax team investigating the Lava Jato case in Peru, alerted the team coordinator, prosecutor Rafael Vela, in a letter about "possible acts of infiltrating informants."

According to the letter whose text was published this Friday in local media, Pérez points out that the purpose would be "to hinder and obstruct the investigation of the truth in cases of corruption and money laundering followed by the Odebrecht delation."

In that regard, he recommended the "continuous evaluation of the staff of the special team" and "adopt procedures for identification and control of users and trial lawyers in their offices."

The document sent by Pérez also includes situations that the prosecutor described as intimidation, such as the spread on social networks of a meeting he had in his office with Lourdes Carreño, who is the legal representative of Odebrecht in Peru.

According to Pérez, the Twitter user 'Jota Maelo', user of Juan José Muñico wrote: "Right now Lourdes Carreño Carcelén, legal representative of Odebrecht, in the JDP office (José Domingo Pérez). Uhmm We are checking you 'hero' ".

"As can be determined, the 'tweets' are a diffusion to public opinion in which I am intimidated with the following message: 'we are checking you,'" Pérez said in his letter.

Likewise, according to the newspaper Peru 21, the letter also refers to the publication of reserved meetings held by prosecutors with attorney Carreño, through the La Resistencia portal, linked to the congressmen of the Fujimorist party Popular Force, including Rosa María Bartra .

The leader of that party is Keiko Fujimori, to whom the Supreme Court on Thursday reduced her period of pretrial detention from 36 to 18 months for allegedly hiding the donation of one million dollars from Odebrecht to finance her campaign to the Presidency of Peru in the general elections of 2011.

In the case of Odebrecht, former President Alejandro Toledo (2001-2006) is imputed in Peru, currently imprisoned in the United States while the Justice of that country decides to extradite him to Peru, and Ollanta Humala (2011-2016), for whom the Prosecutor's Office He asked for 20 years in prison for alleged money laundering in the irregular financing of his election campaigns.

Pedro Pablo Kuczynski (2016-2018) is also investigated, who turns 36 months of house arrest, while former Lima mayor Susana Villarán has 24 months in jail while under investigation.

Former President Alan García (1985-1990 and 2006-2011) committed suicide last April when the Prosecutor's Office went to arrest him for allegedly receiving bribes from the company.

The former mayor of Lima Luis Castañeda was the last to be included in this investigation and maintains an impediment to leave the country for 18 months.

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