August 7, 2020

The Prosecutor extends the investigation to Keiko Fujimori and analyzes a new prison order

The Prosecutor's Office of Peru extended the investigation that follows against Keiko Fujimori to include other crimes and analyzes the possibility of requesting a new prison order against the opposition leader, who remained in jail until two weeks ago.

The measure, formalized by prosecutor José Domingo Pérez and released by local media on Tuesday, extended the investigation to the alleged commission of the crimes of unlawful association, criminal organization and false declaration and procedural fraud.

Perez was currently investigating the leader of the Fuerza Popular party only for the crime of money laundering, for allegedly receiving a million dollars of illegal origin from the Brazilian company Odebrecht to finance his election campaigns.

Now the prosecutor also asked that a real estate company belonging to Fujimori's husband, the American Mark Vito Villanella, be considered in the extension of the investigation.

Perez also included characters linked to the Popular Force and the environment closest to Keiko, including Jaime Yoshiyama, Pier Figari, Ana Herz de Vega, Vicente Silva Checa, José Chlimper, Adriana Tarazona and Jorge Trelles.


The prosecutor considered among the new elements the testimony of businessman Jorge Yoshiyama, a nephew of Jaime Yoshiyama who collaborates with Justice, who states that Fujimori did know about the contributions Odebrecht gave to his election campaigns.

In addition, the businessmen Dionisio Romero and Vito Rodríguez, of the Credicorp and Gloria groups, who claimed that they directly handed Fujimori $ 3.65 million and $ 200,000 in cash, respectively, that they gave to the Prosecutor's Office three weeks ago They were not declared.

In that sense, Pérez said that false information on income and expenses was presented in the electoral campaigns of the Popular Force and the supervision of the finances of the political parties was mocked.


Prosecutor Rafael Vela, coordinator of the Lava Jato team, told local media on Tuesday that the "possibility" of filing a new request for pretrial detention against Fujimori was analyzed, who was released after the Constitutional Court overturned the pretrial detention he served. for 13 months

"In these cases, the Public Ministry has the clear position that the release of Keiko Fujimori represents a danger to the investigation, and as such we are taking all the necessary precautions," said Vela from Brazil, where he participates in new interrogations of former Odebrecht executives .

The prosecutor emphasized that this investigation "is getting closer and closer to the conclusion", since during this year "significant progress has been made" in the investigations and praised "the work and strategic planning of a group of brave prosecutors who have not bending before any pressure ".


In addition to the testimonies of other millionaire contributions that were not declared, the judicial situation of Keiko Fujimori has been complicated in recent days after knowing new statements that assure that he tried to boycott the investigations against him.

Last week, former Congress President Daniel Salaverry said Fujimori did coordinate with former César Hinostroza, who is waiting to be extradited from Spain for his alleged links to a network of corruption in the Judiciary.

Salaverry also stated that Keiko asked him in 2018 to hand over an envelope with documents to Supreme Prosecutor Pedro Chávarry, who last January resigned from the post of attorney general amid complaints about his alleged links to the criminal network known as "The White Necks of the port".

Last Friday, businessman Antonio Camayo also told prosecutors that Keiko is the "Mrs. K" whom she mentioned in an audio recorded by the police when she was coordinating a meeting at home between Fujimori and then judge Hinostroza.

In that context, the Prosecutor's Office has expanded its efforts with the objective of presenting in the coming months an accusation to open a trial to the opposition leader, who both in 2011 and 2016 remained at the gates of being president of Peru.

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