the prosecutor asks to lower the penalty

the prosecutor asks to lower the penalty

The prosecutor has reduced today in the trial from eleven to six years of prison he asks for the former president of Football Club Barcelona Sandro Rosell for purportedly laundering twenty million euros from the Brazilian Football Confederation (CBF) of which it is believed that he was left with at least 6.5 million.

In the trial that takes place in the National audience the prosecutor José Javier Polo has also reduced the request of ten to five years in prison for the partner of Rosell the Andorran lawyer Joan Besolí, and seven to one year and eleven months for his wife, Marta Pineda.

He has also done so with regard to three alleged frontmen for whom he requested between six and eight years in prison and now between one year and six months and one year and eleven months.

In all cases, the Prosecutor's Office accuses them of money laundering and criminal groups, while the defense lawyers have requested the acquittal of the accused. EFE


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