February 26, 2021

The prosecutor asks the judge of box B to summon Bárcenas to testify about Aznar’s contracts in exchange for bites

The prosecutor Antonio Romeral has sent the judge of box B, Santiago Pedraz, a letter in which he informs him of Luis Bárcenas’ confession and urges him to provide, “where appropriate, what is necessary for the ratification” of what in it, the former treasurer of the PP and the “expansion” of those events assures. Pedraz is currently investigating alleged bites for the Popular Party in exchange for the award to large construction companies of contracts approved by the ministries of the Government of José María Aznar.

In his letter offering to collaborate, Bárcenas assured for the first time that some of the donations to the PP during his time as manager and treasurer they were finalists, that is, they were produced in exchange for a specific award. Pedraz has claimed all the documentation of 23 contracts worth 60 million euros that departments corresponding to seven ministries of the time of Aznar granted to the construction company of the confessed donor of the PP Alfonso García Pozuelo.

The prosecutor Romeral, who will represent the Public Ministry as of Monday in the first trial of box B, the one that investigates the payment of the Genoa headquarters with black money, has also attached to Pedraz the eight pages that Bárcenas delivered in Anticorrupción ago three days. The former treasurer’s lawyer had been in charge, in any case, of sending a copy to the Criminal Chamber of the National Court, which will be in charge of the trial of the Genoa reform, on which Bárcenas also provides data in his confession .

“The reason why Álvaro (Lapuerta) received these donations directly was because he was a person of the Party’s maximum confidence and the person designated to inform – if it were the case – the minister who was competent by reason of the work or service that could be affected by the specific public award “. So reads the paragraph of the confession that connects with the investigation that the current judge of box B, Santiago Pedraz, is following at the moment, and that if it prospers it could mean a second trial for the PP in the future as a result of the publication of the ‘Bárcenas papers’.

Luis Bárcenas himself had up until now defended that donations were not finalists but now he introduces an important nuance: the “vast majority” of those donations were not finalists, but there were “some specific cases in which that motivation did concur”, which describes as “a percentage” of the amount of the award destined for box B of the party.

Donations in exchange for awards, he adds, “were made with cash deliveries that were made directly to Álvaro Lapuerta (his predecessor in the treasury who died in 2018), and I was present in some of them.” And he clarifies before moving on to another question: “I offer to provide the appropriate collaboration”


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