March 9, 2021

The prosecutor asks for six years in prison for the command that sexually harassed a soldier | Society

The prosecutor asks for six years in prison for the command that sexually harassed a soldier | Society

The military prosecutor has requested six and a half years in prison for the command that sexually harassed a soldier based on the Air Force in Alcantarilla (Murcia). In his provisional conclusions, the prosecutor assures that the then second lieutenant (who in 2017 went to the reserve and promoted to lieutenant by application of the military personnel law) subjected his subordinate to "verbal and even physical situations that threatened his freedom and sexual indemnity, seriously intimidating and humiliating, both for its repetition and for its intensity, which ended up causing the victim a psychic illness, diagnosed psychiatrically […] He needed a prolonged treatment. "

The prosecutor explains that the episodes of harassment extended at least from October 2014 to March 2016. "Given the situation of desperation in which he was [la víctima] and considering that he was not having an answer from his commanders, to whom he had already transferred what was happening, the soldier decides to take a photograph of the second lieutenant when they were both alone in the office and he was masturbating in front of her, photograph that showed his hierarchical superior, who decided [finalmente] activate the protocol of protection against sexual harassment, adds the letter.

These facts are constitutive, according to the prosecutor, of two crimes of degrading, inhuman or humiliating treatment; of sexual harassment and sexual abuse, for which he requests, respectively, penalties of three years and one day, two years and one year and six months in jail. In addition, he demands that the lieutenant be expelled from the Army (although he is in the reserve continues to charge from the Ministry of Defense) and compensates 30,000 euros to his victim, whose recovery lasted at least 467 days.

The private accusation raises the prison request to 14 years and compensation to 73,350 euros, while the defense of the lieutenant, as well as the State Bar, representing the Ministry of Defense, have requested his acquittal.

The story of the prosecutor, who recognizes the consequences that the victim caused sexual harassment of his boss, contrasts with the Defense decision to dismiss the soldier last month for loss of psychophysical conditions outside the service; that is, without a pension or compensation.

The lawyer of the military, Antonio Suárez-Valdés, has asked the Minister of Defense to recognize that the "post-traumatic stress disorder" suffered by his client is a consequence of the vexations suffered or, at least, his dismissal is suspended until that there be a final judgment. The circumstance arises that the latter was the proposal of the technical board that examined the case but was not attended by those responsible for the ministry. For Suárez-Valdés, it is "outrageous that a soldier prosecuted for an alleged crime of sexual harassment against a subordinate be rewarded with a promotion, while his victim is stigmatized and expelled due to its consequences."


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