Sat. Apr 4th, 2020

The prosecution requests 7 years in jail for José María López

The corresponding judge of case Carlota Prado he has requested the opening of the oral trial for the alleged crime of sexual abuse happened in
Big Brother
More than two years ago. At that time, during a party, José María López, reality contestant, maintained an approach with his partner who soon qualified as not consented. Today is asked for him seven years in prison

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The confidential
, the private prosecution has requested the imposition of a seven-year prison sentence for José María López for a crime of aggravated sexual abuse, as well as the prohibition of approaching Carlota Prado to a distance of less than 500 meters for seven years.

Carlota Prado, contestant of 'GH Revolution'

Carlota Prado, contestant of ‘GH Revolution’

The defendant is also requested 100,000 euros for moral damages and another 100,000 euros to the producer, Zeppelin Televisión S.A.U. for the same crime. All this in addition to the request of the Prosecutor’s Office requesting the defendant a penalty of two years and six months in prison and a 500-meter restraining order for four years.

Not only that. The judicial body also requests that both the defendant and Zeppelin unlaw Carlota Prado with 6,000 euros for moral damages occasioneds when the corresponding images are issued At that time they could be observed in the house of Guadalix de la Sierra.

José María López and Carlota Prado, contestants of 'GH Revolution'

José María López and Carlota Prado, contestants of ‘GH Revolution’

All this occurs after La Sexta agreed to the young woman’s statement at the trial being held. Then he could know how the contestant of reality show accused Big Brother from have her “kidnapped” after the alleged sexual abuse
, when she was held incommunicado for four days in a hotel after the events.

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