April 20, 2021

The prosecution asks the judge to impute Simón for his management of the pandemic

The accusation brought by the Association against the Management of the Coronavirus has asked the judge who is investigating the case on 8-M to cite the director of the Center for Coordination of Health Alerts, Fernando Simón, as the investigated (accused).

In a letter sent to the judge, that association also requests that the government delegate in Madrid, José Manuel Franco, the only accused in the case, for an alleged prevarication be investigated for a crime against fundamental rights.

In the case of Simón, the lawyer Víctor Valladares, requests that he be investigated for disobedience and for denial of help, in addition to considering that he has incurred in a “blatant abandonment of duties” in managing the pandemic and affirming, among others questions, which encouraged to attend the demonstration on the occasion of Women’s Day.

Both in his case and in Franco’s, the accusation is supported in the report presented by the Civil Guard to the head of the Investigating Court number 51 in Madrid.

The accusation focuses largely on the meetings held on March 5 and 6 by Simón and the minister, Salvador Illa, with the organizers of an evangelical congress that was to be held in Spain between the 19 and 21 of that month, and in the arguments -according to the report- they were given for not celebrating it.

Simón himself explained at a press conference that this report does not mention that people from 120 countries, some of them at risk, were going to attend Congress, and that this was one of the circumstances that they were already trying to avoid at that time.

The accusation maintains that the epidemiologist acted in an “obviously fraudulent” manner, prohibiting demonstrations and allowing and even “encouraging” the 8M to attend.

The prosecution wants the judge to claim all the existing communications between the Ministry of Health and the Emergency Coordination Center related to the coronavirus from January 30, 2020 to March 15, 2020 to determine if from the first they required the second to aid established by law and, otherwise, proceed against Illa before the Supreme Court.

As for Franco, it is an extension of the complaint due to the alleged pressures that, according to the report of the Civil Guard, were made by the Government Delegation to call for other protests called between March 5 and 14 .


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