Wed. Apr 24th, 2019

The proposal of Sonsoles Ónega to the mother of Carlos Herrera

La propuesta de Sonsoles Ónega a la madre de Carlos Herrera

The first wave of radio EGM in 2019 has reached television. And the program is already midday Sonsoles Ónega he wanted to congratulate one of the protagonists of this wave audience ranking live. Carlos Herrera with his program at Cadena Cope he won 587,000 listeners since the beginning of 2019, so he is dangerously close to his competition, La Ser.

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To share this good news, he spoke with the announcer live and, to mention, he mentioned his mother Blanca Crusset. So much so, that the presenter dropped that she would love it to go to Telecinco as collaborator. A signing that, if he succeeded, he would share a table with other current and political politicians.

Sonsoles Ónega congratulates Carlos Herrera for his good audience data

Sonsoles Ónega congratulates Carlos Herrera for his good audience data

"They are the women of your life", presented Ónega to Blanca and Rocío Crusset, mother and son of the announcer respectively. The celebration by the good hearings gathered in the last wave of the EGM put Herrera in the first positions since his signing by the chain of bishops. However, the journalist lacks something: that his mother has a section in his program. But, there is no way.

"I have offered a section 'Kitchen with white': 'I call you every week and you tell me we're going to eat today. I'm convincing her, "he assured. To which Ónega did not lose foot with ball and was thrown into the ring with another proposal: "If you do not pass it to me, in case you want to come. It would be very appropriate and that's how we talk about everything ". Herrera not only made it clear that she would do very well, "she is very good tertuliana", if she did not indicate with what party she communes. It's José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero, "he stressed.

"She is very good tertuliana"

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