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The promoter Pino Sagliocco warns of the setback of Barcelona before Madrid as a city of great concerts

This Saturday a new edition of the Barcelona Beach Festival (BBF), one of the main dates of mainstream electronic music in which some of the most popular DJs come together. Starting at six o'clock in the afternoon and for twelve hours without interruption, the stage located in the Fòrum beach will make dance and have fun with tens of thousands of fans who will come to taste the skills of David Guetta, Armin van Buuren, Steve Aoki, Alesso, Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike, Brian Cross, Don Diablo or W & W.

Behind this great party since its inception is Pine Sagliocco, seasoned music promoter and president of the macropromotora Live Nation Spain. Enthusiast of music for forty years at a professional level and already sixty years old, the promoter ensures from his personal experience that despite the excellent health of a festival like the BBF, Barcelona It is a city that in recent times has yielded its status as a must stop for the great stars of rock and pop for the benefit of Madrid. The emotional situation created a couple of years ago as a result of political events has made the big concerts organized by Live Nation in the city not filled. But first he prefers to talk about the imminent BBF.

Can the Barcelona Beach Festival be considered a fully consolidated event?

I have seen over these years how the festival's audience has consolidated, in the sense that it is an audience that I would call the good vibes because, and I play wood, I have always seen a very festive, celebratory atmosphere. We want people when they come to the festival, I do not know, to forget a little of the telephone and prefer more to human contact.

And that is reflected in the proposal of the dj's that come?

Of course; Apart from the fact that they are all numbers one, all that will sound is music that people know from the first topic. But do not forget that the attraction of entry is that it is done on the beach, and the beach is an unbeatable claim. A festival on the beach… How many are there in the world? Naked feet in the sand, sympathy and music. In addition, next to it you have the chimneys of the factory that at night seems to be "Blade runner" and the bottom is pure Pink Floyd. And a huge amount of proposals. The proof is that now the parents are starting to come with the children, and that is due, I believe, that many older people, so to speak, have found in the festival a good reason to connect with their children. At first, out of ignorance, they thought that it was just a party and party, but when they went they saw that it was a place where there was a very beautiful energy, without aggressiveness.

In recent years, this type of rhythms and sound has stuck and in Barcelona competition has come. Has it affected you?

No, especially because when you talk about great DJs, they will always choose our festival before anyone else. The "line up" that we have here will not be found in any festival in the world. Also, you have all the numbers one concentrated in a single day. In Belgium, for example, they do it over three or four days.

Concentrating all those names in just half a day is a good idea?

I must confess that I am thinking about it, but I thought that making a festival from six in the evening to six in the morning is a unique and very attractive offer. We are unquestionably the best festival of dj's of the Mediterranean and one of the best in the world. I do not know … in two days, people are very tired, camping is not easy here.

Sagliocco with dj Martin Garrix at the BBF 2016

Sagliocco with dj Martin Garrix at the BBF 2016
(Carles Rodriguez)

That this year Sónar has had to be done exceptionally at the end of July, has it affected them in any way?

No, no, because they are two different offers. Names like David Guetta, Dimitri or Alesso can not go to Sónar because it is another artistic concept. The BBF is mainstream, and the Sonar is not, it is something more alternative, more "underground". We have gone to "Mainstream" pure and hard, we have not had to invent anything. When we were looking for the hole we saw that in Barcelona there was a "mainstream" music festival like this one.

Have you ever been criticized for this?

Do not! Quite the opposite. What happens? Is good because being popular is bad? Look, I remember that in the second year of this festival we opened an alternative scenario, we spent a fortune and at the moment of truth there were only 150 people. Each fan has his tribe, so that the "underground" does not like the "mainstream" and vice versa in the context of festivals.

Having Live Nation behind gives ease and tranquility to get a poster of these characteristics, right?

Of course, but when I started this adventure we already marked the path from the first day, with Avicii and David Guetta, and from there everything was ascending.

Do you have autonomy when it comes to programming?

Total, but logically they demand results at the end of the month. Like any company. But it is not easy because in Spain there is a lot of competition, there are many festivals. I believe that in the short term we will see many festivals fall, but that is already a cyclical thing.

Last year he celebrated forty years in music, and this year sixty of life. Do you feel longing for something from when it started?

There is always nostalgia; now he commands over all the money, and back then there was a romanticism that has now disappeared. To a certain extent, the promoter, the technicians, the representative, the artist, the record company even formed a kind of rock, which now has also disappeared. Now you pay and you take the artist you want. ANDl money above all.

Of all the stars that he has brought and continues to bring, with which one does he maintain good harmony?

With all I've always had, and with those who do not have it is because they have died … The last of these was George Michael, who shortly before dying had spent a few days on vacation with me and we were preparing a very nice project in Ibiza, or a few days ago, Elton John has signed his grateful piano for all these years of collaboration. Or the other day, after the concert he gave in Madrid, Bon Jovi told me he wanted to see the documentary "Yesterday" about the Beatles and we all went together to see it. They see that Pino has not changed over the years; with all the artists I work with there is a lot of empathy.

Pino Sagliocco and George Michael, in an undated image

Pino Sagliocco and George Michael, in an undated image

Is music a drug for you? What would it be without her?

At the end of life what I really want is to be able to say that music was my passion, in fact it continues to be so, but what I really feel most proud of in life is having managed to keep together an amazing family and friends amazing

Barcelona is a fundamental element in his career. What is your health in the international circuit?

It's sad to say, but lately it's hard to do things in Barcelona. Until very recently, no more than a couple of years ago, we made all the great artists and bands only in Barcelona because people from all over Spain came to you, they loved coming to Barcelona. Since the events began two years ago and the whole environment changed, We have practically not filled a concert. A clear example was the last one we did, that of Eddie Vedder, who is literally in love with the city and looks, in Madrid we exhausted in a very short time and in Barcelona we had to reduce the capacity enough to see it complete. All concerts are now planned in Madrid before in Barcelona. Madrid has taken oil from Barcelona. Even the hands and the Basques who used to come to Barcelona have changed their destination.

Can you be more specific in the cause?

I think it has a lot to do with everything being on a very emotional rather than rational scale, and people are reacting emotionally to the things that have happened. Another test is Elton John, who had always cost me a lot to bring him to Madrid: the concert tickets he has made a few days ago, I sold them out a year ago! And that is much easier to work in Barcelona, ​​starting with logistics, because of the closeness to France … I hope that all this changes very soon and that we turn around the situation. For me, Barcelona is the California of the Mediterranean, but I also have to say, despite the emotions I have felt for years in the city, professional obligations force me to be very cautious.

All the concerts are now planned in Madrid before in Barcelona; Madrid has taken oil from Barcelona. I hope that all this changes very soon and that we turn around the situation

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