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The Prodigy: Festivals will not be the same without Keith Flint | Miss Festivals Blog

The Prodigy: Festivals will not be the same without Keith Flint | Miss Festivals Blog

Almost anyone who has stepped on a music festival in the last two decades will find it strange to never enjoy Keith Flint on one of these stages. The singer of The Prodigy has died this Monday at age 49 at his home in Essex, In England. The authentic leader of a band that has gone through some of the best festivals in the world is gone and that this 2019 had already confirmed a visit to Spain, as the head of the reborn Doctor Music Festival of Lleida, and to Colombia, specifically, to Estéreo Picnic de Bogotá. Undoubtedly, the key to have fit into the festive universe has been his wisdom to combine different musical styles, a characteristic inherent in these musical events.

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The name of The Prodigy has always been a regular of the posters and has sounded every summer in the majority of festival pools. Especially because his music and his Show they ensure a key objective for any event of this type: to revolutionize the public and keep them awake until the end. And is that Keith Flint was the culprit, for example, that the premiere of Mad Cool in 2016 was memorable. The truth is that the attitude of this legendary band on stage has always had the necessary ingredients so that the thousands of people who cram these places want to survive until dawn.

Keith Flint was one of the founders in 1990 of what has been one of the most influential musical formations of recent times, he did along with Liam Howlett and Leeroy Thornhill. They and Maxim Reality impregnated the nineties with great successes like Smack My Bitch Up, Breathe or Firestarter, songs that even today are revealed as essential in the most carefree hours of a festival. A key fact to understand the show that creates The Prodigy is that Flint started as a dancer of the band and ended up being the voice and the image of a group where aesthetics and movements have never gone unnoticed.

Recently, in 2018, they released their seventh album, No Tourists, a work that they presented in some Spanish festivals, such as Mallorca Live, the Tsunami Xixón, the 4ever Valencia Fest and the Extremúsika. The festival history of The Prodigy in Spain is woven with unique performances at the FIB, Bilbao BBK Live or the late SOS 4.8, and with its presence in one of the most popular electronic parties in Spain as it was Monegros. His passage through our country also had a complicated stop in the extinct Festimad, back in 2005, when a fire interrupted the creators of The fat of the land (1997). The dance compositions have also made them go through the heterogeneous Cruïlla, from Barcelona, ​​and Weekend Beach, from Málaga.

This Monday, after the death of Flint, Emily Eaves, one of the organizers of the legendary Glastonbury festival in the United Kingdom, has shown her sadness on Twitter and took the opportunity to communicate that the band was one of the confirmations they had planned for their next edition. The group had already gone through the mud festival on three occasions, achieving in 1997 to be the first band dance in leading this event. In addition, the English have also acted throughout their career in other major international events such as Coachella and Lollapalooza.


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