The ProColombia macrorrueda manages business for 34.5 million dollars

The ProColombia macrorrueda manages business for 34.5 million dollars

The Bicentennial Macrorrueda, the most important trade meeting of the year in Colombia and attended by 937 international buyers, generated 34.5 million dollars in business last week, the organizers informed.

In the activity, which took place between April 3 and 5 in Bogota, more than 10,000 appointments were made thanks to which the government entity ProColombia, organizer of the Macrorrueda, achieved effective business contacts that could exceed 400 million of dollars, 28% more than last year.

"We know that, if we continue working as a team with the entrepreneurs, in an articulated manner, following up and fulfilling all the commitments assumed, we will be able to turn these enormous possibilities into sales abroad," said Flavia Santoro, president of ProColombia.

The event counted on the participation of 937 buyers, from 52 countries, who had the opportunity to know the Colombian talent, represented in 2,097 entrepreneurs from 25 departments of the country.

Among the companies recognized worldwide that were in the Colombian capital were Macys, Mercadona, Grupo Rewe, Royal Caribbean, Amazon and Galeries Lafayette.

In that sense, the buying representative of Galeries Lafayette in Dubai, Ghida Nsouli, said that the Bicentennial Macrorrueda "is a very interesting event because you can get to know many brands that are very talented".

For Santoro, "in this scenario it became evident the great confidence in the country and in ProColombia as an ally for internationalization by buyers and exporters".

This was evidenced by the fact that 58% of the buyers (543) participated for the first time, as well as 796 national entrepreneurs.

Likewise, this was the scenario for 607 Colombian businessmen, who have exported less than $ 10,000 or are preparing to sell abroad, had the opportunity to specify 4,220 citations that resulted in 12-month sales possibilities for 166 million dollars in 47 markets.

This year there were also eight companies from Africa, from countries such as Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria and Uganda, and 72 from Asia.

According to the Minister of Commerce, Industry and Tourism, José Manuel Restrepo, "the Macrorrueda Bicentenario is a promotional activity framed in our commercial policy that seeks to facilitate trade and take advantage of current trade agreements."

In fact, according to ProColombia, 46% of the business possibilities are in three commercial agreements: Pacific Alliance (17%), United States (15%) and European Union (14%).


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