The "procés" frightens foreign investment that falls by 17% until September and four other news

The "procés" frightens foreign investment that falls by 17% until September and four other news


one. Foreign investment in Catalonia sinks 17% while it grows 182% in Madrid. The "procés" bill is consolidated through the waning foreign investment that arrives in Catalonia compared to the rest of Spain. Until September of this year, operations with foreign capital to the community they were reduced by 17% when adding 3,692 million euros, which contrasts with the behavior of the whole of Spain, where they shot up 85% to 34.897 million.

2. The Congress gives the green light to Sánchez's spending ceiling with the vote of the Catalan separatists. The Congress of Deputies has given its approval to the deficit path of the Government, which leaves it to the Senate to decide whether to approve the wickerwork in which they rest the Budgets of 2019 that the Executive will present in January or February. The PSOE has gathered this morning the support of the Catalan separatists of Pdecat and ERC, as well as PNV, Nueva Canarias, Compromís and Podemos.

3. Only one of the unions maintains the strike call for tomorrow in Renfe and Adif. The union CGT (General Confederation of Workers) is the only union that maintains the strike call for 23 hours in Renfe – and Adif-convened for tomorrow, despite the agreement reached by the operator with the majority unions Semaf and UGT, and to which Comisiones Obreras has also joined, which in this way disables the strike days of tomorrow and of January 7 in Renfe, leaving only the one of January 7 in Adif.

4. The CNMV cedes to Europe and stops publishing part of the short positions so as not to point out Spanish companies. The Spanish stock exchange supervisor has decided to take a step backwards in the level of transparency over short positions and lower the level of the rest of the European Union to avoid hurting listed companies Spanish companies compared to their European competitors.

5. A Brexit without an agreement could leave Iberia without a license to fly within Spain. The airline Iberia, which is part of the British IAG group, faces the possibility of not being able to fly inside of Spain if finally the United Kingdom's departure from the European Union (EU) occurs without agreement, according to the plans of the European Commission (EC) for a Brexit without a pact presented yesterday.


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