The procedures in the SEPE will be automatically extended until the cyber attack is overcome




The SEPE (State Public Employment Service) after being the victim of a cyberattack early yesterday morning, the work of «The latest version of the RYUK», a “ransomware” type virus specialized in hijacking computers and encrypting data and then demanding a financial ransom. Given the prolongation of this situation, sources from the Ministry of Labor have reported that the deadlines for requesting benefits from the SEPE will be automatically extended until normality returns. For example, if this Wednesday it was your turn to seal the strike, this will be done automatically.

These same sources have added that work is already underway on the “rehabilitation” of the electronic office and that both face-to-face assistance and telephone assistance continue to be provided. In addition, they have reiterated that “The servers have not been affected, as well as the management system”. In parallel, the investigation headed by the National Cryptological Center, dependent on the CNI (National Intelligence Center) that seeks to ensure that any restoration of the service is done with all the guarantees and without a trace of virus.

In any case, from the department headed by Yolanda Díaz, they have ensured that “No one is going to be left without receiving their benefits” and that, in the case of the ERTE on which the subsistence of some 900,000 workers depends, they are being paid normally.

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