May 13, 2021

The problems of Barça de Setién (and not only in the Classic)

The coach does not fit the pieces of the club azulgrana

Barcelona sank in the second half at Santiago Bernabéu and paid for it with a deserved defeat that represents a change of leader. “There is a lot of League,” was the message of the players, coach and president Bartomeu, which is true, but it is also true that the Barca team again encountered problems in the same place as always. «Sometimes we don’t know how to get out of the goal kick well when we are pressed»Confessed Busquets. And as a consequence multiply the losses of the ball in own field. “And it is not the same to lose it in your field than in that of the rival, they are putting you back and in the end they can make you a goal,” Piqué continued.

The zones of movement of the encounter reflect how in the first part of the Classic the Barça had a great presence in the opposite field and stepped on the area quite a bit, while in the second the highest concentration is around Ter Stegen and in no case there is a red part in the attack zone Real Madrid decided to press up with a defense practically man to man: Ter Stegen is free, but he does not find who to give the ball to and he ended up practically raffling, because Benzema watched over Umtiti, Vinicius to Piqué, Isco was the shadow of Busquets, Carvajal de Jong, Valverde stalked Jordi Alba, Marcelo to Semedo and Casemiro was late, almost like a third center, just in case the ball reached Leo Messi, so he didn’t have spaces. But rarely managed to do it, the Argentine almost never faced the direction that led to the goal of Courtois in advantage. The ball stayed in the way. According to the specialized website “Whoscored”, Barcelona lost possession 28 times in the game: twelve of them were closer to their goal than the opposite, and seven almost halfway. He already suffered in a similar way against Athletic in the Cup and against Betis and Getafe in the League. These last two stayed close to surprise. «Sometimes it is normal for you to fail, but when the opponent squeezes you as he has done. We were warned to get the ball fast to avoid this pressure, but it is not easy against players like that, ”he confessed after the Setién Classic, who was squealing other pieces of his alignment halfway between his decisions and the lack of staff due to poor planning and for the injuries.

What he has most is midfielders, but in the last duels he has finished placing Arturo Vidal and De Jong on the sides, and there they cancel the good they have to contribute practically nothingto. There is also Barcelona lacking footballers with an imbalance capacity, beyond Messi. Nobody bargains and the chain of passes is not enough to overwhelm the rival, as happened in Naples. He misses Setién to Dembélé and does not finish trusting Ansu Fati. But this is what you have to finish the course.


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