August 12, 2020

The probability of young people finding a job continued to fall in 2019

The probability of those under 25 years of getting a first job in Spain accumulates two years of declines, after having reduced 1.2 points in 2019, to stand at 8.9%, according to a report by the employers’ agency of Temporary employment.

The report, which uses the data from the Active Population Survey (EPA) for the second quarter of each year, considering that it is the period that most closely resembles the annual average, shows a downward trend since the 2017 reached 12.1%, the maximum after the crisis.

However, according to data provided by Asempleo, this probability rate of a first job among young people was 16.8% in 2007, the year from which a downward path began, bottoming out in 2012 (with 4, 5 %).

That year began the recovery of the probability of youth hiring until 2017.

The study reveals that temporality is the main way of access to work for young people, since the probability of accessing a first job through temporary contracts stood at 7.9%, while in the case of indefinite contracts , the percentage was 0.5%.

The probability of converting a temporary contract into an indefinite one was also reduced, which reached the minimum of the last ten years by standing at 3.4% and was reduced for the first time since 2014.

By sectors, trade and hospitality stood out, which accounted for 43.8% of the hiring of young people without work experience.

In the public sector, the incorporation of young people without previous employment increased, thanks to the increase of public places in Education and Health, which has led to an increase in the percentage of young people in positions that require high qualification, after passing 6% of the year happened to represent 19% of the hiring in 2019.

The probability of finding employment for young people was reduced in almost all communities, except those in the peninsular center and those that have shown greater dynamism in 2019, such as the Basque Country, Madrid and Castilla y León.

The president of Asempleo, Andreu Cruañas, has pointed to the economic slowdown as the main cause of the decrease in the probability of finding a first job and has stressed the importance of adopting structural measures that increase the possibilities of young people to opt for their first experience labor.


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