Mon. Aug 19th, 2019

The prisoners of 1-O will not go through the dungeon

Los presos del 1-O no pasarán por el calabozo

The Supreme Court (TS) yesterday finalized the preparation of the trial for case 1-O, trying to take care of the details. Above all, those that refer to the prisoners who are going to be prosecuted. With a new instruction to the security forces that will intervene in the daily transfers from and to the prisons to which the accused have been assigned. It is about the prisoners not going through the dungeons of the National audience, as originally planned.

The passage through dungeons it was considered necessary at least once a day, when the prisoners arrived each morning to Madrid to be led then to the Supreme. At High Court there are no dependencies of this type, because normally in that building no trials are held on causes with prisoner. The location of the processed in the dungeons, therefore, it was necessary to have them grouped together before leading them to the place of judgment, in the Supreme, located about 100 meters from the Audiencia.

The High Court tries to avoid with its decisions any image of authoritarian justice

The passage through these facilities was also considered indispensable due to the fact that the transfer itself is going to be carried out by the Civil Guard. On the other hand, the custody and surveillance of the prisoners, once they arrive at the Hearing to be taken later to the Chamber of Prosecution, corresponds to the National Police. The transfer of one body to another involves certain procedures and some paperwork. And this is where the Supreme Court has intervened, to urge the security forces to abbreviate that phase of the daily transfers, and not to introduce the prisoners into the jails, but to immediately take them to the Supreme Court. Once in the High Court, they will wait for the beginning of each session of the hearing in the same room that has been assigned to them for lunch and in which they will be able to meet with their attorneys on those occasions and during recesses.

The new instructions
the security forces - along with those already given in the sense that the prisoners do not go handcuffed or can not be photographed during the transfers - pursue the objective of removing from the TS any image of authoritarian justice and little respect for individual rights. The High Court has also wanted to take special care of the protocol that will be observed with President Quim Torra and the members of the Govern who will accompany him. Torra and the consellers will be placed in the first row of the public, in the center of the room, after being greeted by the president of the court and, possibly, by the Supreme Court.

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