The prisoner with 'canbal instinct' confesses that he tried to slaughter a young woman and rape another in a permit – La Provincia

"Sometimes I have certain things that go through my mind." With these vague explanations David F. L., the prisoner with "Cannibal instinct" and a disorder of "sexual sadism" accused of trying to assassinate a young woman and sexually assault another during a prison permit, he has tried to clarify before the magistrates the reasons why he would have attacked his victims on the street, treason, on two consecutive nights in September 2018 in Valencia.

The defendant, who faces twenty and a half years in prison According to the request of the Public Prosecutor's Office, he has reconfirmed the facts in the trial held in the Third Section of the Provincial Court of Valencia. However, their defense requests an incomplete exemption for a personality disorder. On his imputability the forensic doctors have pronounced, who consider that although he presents «dysfunctional personality traits associated with tendencies towards sexual sadism behaviors», the defendant did not have his cognitive and volitional abilities altered at the time of the events.

Forensics argue that the accused has a "psychopathic personality" and suffers from a "sexual sadism" disorder

Moreover, the experts of the forensic psychiatry unit of the Institute of Legal Medicine of Valencia point to a «Psychopathic personality, with an inadequate modulation of the drives and difficulties to show empathic feelings ». To sexual sadism, for which he enjoys causing pain to his victims, another paraphilia would be added that, although not included in the last report, did show in the previous trial, where he expressed his need to "eat human blood."

Despite the 18 year prison sentence imposed by the Provincial Court of Valencia in 2007, for the crimes of sexual assault and attempted murder, after another attack on a woman in the former channel of the River Túria, the Court of Penitentiary Vigilance number one of Valencia, at the proposal of the Picassent Prison Treatment Board granted him permits in 2018. Thus, taking advantage of one of these exits, during the weekend of September 25 and 26, the accused brutally assaulted a 33-year-old woman who was walking quietly on Quevedo de Valencia with headphones on.

After touching her breasts and trying to insert her hand inside her victim's shirt, the assailant hit her brutally with her fist, dropping the woman to the ground and banging her head against the asphalt, which produced a head injury. After leaving her badly injured, she fled the scene.

The following night the defendant acted again, this time armed with a cutter, with which he cut the throat of his victim, a 25-year-old girl who was walking along Ángel Guimerá de València street. "I had met a friend and was coming home." It was 22.30 hours. The young woman, who was looking at the mobile when she was attacked from behind, as the defendant himself has acknowledged, relates: «I noticed something in my neck, but I thought it was a joke. Then I saw him running and I put my hand around my neck, it was blood ». A girl helped her and thanks to the rapid intervention she managed to save her life.

The prosecutor maintains that the facts are constitutive of a crime of attempted assassination, appreciating the fussiness since "he approached his victim from behind, unexpectedly with the intention of ending his life." For this crime he requests fourteen years in prison. Also, for the attack on the other woman asks five years for sexual assault and a year and a half for injuries. In both cases the aggravating circumstance of recidivism. On the other hand, the private accusation, exerted by the lawyer Juan Carlos Navarro, asks for penalties that amount to 22 years according to the seriousness of the facts and will demand responsibilities for the penitentiary permits granted to him being a public risk and still being in prison treatment.


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