The prior of the Valley plans to give a historical conference on Spain in a municipal center

Spain in history. That is the title of The conference He plans to pronounce this Friday, in full pulse with the Government and after announcing that he would disrespect the decision of the Supreme to exhume the remains of Francisco Franco, the prior of the Valley of the Fallen in the House of Culture of San Lorenzo de El Escorial . A talk organized by the Dawn Cultural Association of Spain (ACAE) in a public space and in which the local City Council, governed by PP and Citizens, participates as a collaborating entity, as he advanced Here in the Sierra and published Public.

From the municipal group Podemos-Equo they have asked the session to cancel the talk of the prior and to report on the procedure that has been followed by the government team of Carlota L├│pez Esteban (PP) to transfer said space. "We are surprised that the parties that, like PP and Citizens, say they are constitutionalists support the talk of a man who has said that he will not comply with the Constitution and will not abide by the decision of the Supreme Court," Esther Lozano tells , organization link of Podemos in the municipality.

According to Lozano, the House of Culture is a space that is usually given for talks or conferences, but has "a long average wait." "Therefore, in addition, we do not understand how an association with a month of life has been able to access a service like this so quickly," he remarks.

From the formation they insist that this space is a cultural center in which acts of a political nature cannot be organized. And the ACAE the association that organizes the conference of the prior of the Valley- "is formed in its dome by people who have gone on the Vox lists", in addition to being chaired by Enrique Garza Grau, "a well-known Falangist of the municipality." "Many of the people who are part of the Dawn Cultural Association of Spain are deniers of the crimes of Franco," says Lozano.

The PSOE has also requested the City of PP and Citizens to cancel the talk of Santiago Cantera. "Public spaces should not be to express ideas against the norms and coexistence of all citizens," says the letter, as stated the newspaper Here in the Sierra. Despite the cancellation requests, the City Council frames the talk within the scope of "freedom of expression".

In a open letter published in the aforementioned newspaper, the president of the ACAE describes the request of the municipal opposition groups as "prior censorship." And they justify the decision to invite the prior to be a "historian endorsed with a work ostensibly superior to that of the councilman (Esteban) Tettamanti" (the councilor who has requested the cancellation of the act).

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