The prior of the Valley of the Fallen assures that the Government has never called him

The prior of the Valley of the Fallen assures that the Government has never called him

The prior of the Valley of the Fallen, Santiago Cantera, has assured that no member of the Government of Pedro Sánchez has spoken with him about the exhumation of the remains of Francisco Franco, which "was not necessary" and "from which it now seems that no They know how to get out. "

This is stated by the prior of Valle de los Caidos in an interview published on Friday by the magazine "Vida Nueva", in which Cantera denounces that the Executive has "completely missed them". "With me they have not spoken to date, there have only been written communications," he says.

Criticizes that even when they made a visit to the basilica "they had not warned or communicated" greeted him, while they have gone to the Nunciature and the Cardinal Archbishop of Madrid, Carlos Osoro, and even to Rome. "But here, nothing, they have even tried to create an apparent tension, of animosity between the ecclesiastical hierarchy and us," he says.

However, according to Cantera and despite acknowledging that at some point there have been "differences in approach," they agree that it can not be exhumed without the family's permission and that the case is judicialized. "It is a sacred place and, if there is no agreement between the parties, you have to wait for the Justice to decide or for the Government and the family to agree," he says.

He affirms that he feels the support of his superiors in France and is "speaking" with Osoro. "Not every day, much less, but every once in a while, when there is some important news to keep up to date," as happens with the Nuncio.

He believes that he has been presented "in opposition to the rest of the Church" and as a "residue of the Francoism", while assuring that in the Benedictine abbey "we pray daily for reconciliation and for the eternal rest of all the deceased, all the fallen of the national side and the republican side ".

For the prior of the Valley of the Fallen, the Government has "opened a question that was not necessary and from which now it seems that they do not know how to get out."

It also considers that the exhumation of the remains of the dictator "reopens old wounds of the past" and points out that everything that happened during this past year has been lived "as a test of humility".


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