July 27, 2021

The priest who invites you to eat as a priest and make a live on Instagram

The Zamorano priest Florentino Pérez already has more followers in social networks than faithful in many of the masses he officiates and increases his audience with live broadcasts on Instagram, in which he dines with a person of social interest so that he knows what it is 'eat like a priest'.

By way of the television program "My house is yours", but live and with only a few lights and the camera of his mobile phone as technical means, Florentino Pérez, known as "Ancalcura" in his new facet in social networks, He shares a tablecloth every Thursday with another diner and virtually with his Instagram followers.

"I wanted to show a normal image of a priest, to visualize that my house is open to all and that there is an opening to the world around us to listen and dialogue," he said in an interview with EFE Florentino Pérez.

In addition, with that format he combined two of his hobbies: cooking and the table talk around a good dish.

The idea arose with the beginning of the school year and putting it into operation has not been easy, since it has had to struggle with the bad Internet connection in Sayago, the rural area of ​​Zamora rayana with Portugal in which it acts as archpriest.

At home, with the cell phone camera as an indiscreet witness, he has shared a table and reflections with people from Sayago and the rest of the province of Zamora, whom he considered important to give voice, from a teacher or a journalist to a businessman and vice president of Red Cross in Zamora.

Among the next guests to his 'big brother' dinners he would like to have Zamoran creators such as sculptor Ricardo Flecha, writer Juan Manuel de Prada or composer David Rivas or his companions of the amateur theater group La Tijera.

I would even like to open the doors of his house to public offices of different political spectrum such as the president of the Diputación de Zamora, Francisco Requejo (Cs) or the mayor of Zamora, Francisco Guarido (IU).

In this regard, this 'influencer' pastor has clarified that his broadcast dinners are not to talk about religion but to meet people from very different fields, which constitutes a way "to say what God is, who welcomes and meets without exclude anyone. "

He has also seen it as a way that, "with a lot of creativity," the Church will listen to the world and dialogue with it.

The name "Ancalcura" refers to a popular expression deeply rooted in some villages used as a syncopate of "home of the priest."

Florentino Pérez has barely publicized his Instagram account because he prefers its popularity to arise spontaneously as people discover it and that's why he hasn't even linked it to his personal Facebook profile, where he has more than 3,800 friends.

On the other hand, in "Ancalcura" it barely adds up to this weekend a tenth of followers, who are still more than the parishioners who attend their masses daily and covers the age range that is most difficult to reach as Rural pastor: that of people between 25 and 44 years old.

Florentino Pérez, who invites other priests to lose their fear of social networks and the media, also has an opinion column in the biweekly diocesan publication in which he reflects on a topic addressed with the guests at his Instagram dinners .

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