March 7, 2021

The Pride will travel this Saturday Madrid to the cry of "Not a step back!"

To the shout of "! Not a step back!", Pride 2019 hopes to gather thousands of people this Saturday in a demonstration in Madrid that will cry out against the intention of the far right to modify the LGTBI laws that the collective has fought for decades and in which is vetoed the official representation of Citizens.

The demonstration this year has two banners: a first, which will carry historical activists with the slogan "Olders without lockers: History, Struggle and Memory !. By a State LTBI Law"; and the second, with the heading "Ni paso atrás", which will also lead the march with the most political content of recent years.

And is that Vox's demand to amend LGTBI laws to form autonomous and local governments has been a revulsion for the group, which has called on "conservative parties to stop using human rights as a bargaining chip".

The State Federation of Lesbians, Gais, Trans and Bisexuals (FELTGB) has said that it has demanded citizens and social organizations to join the demonstration more strongly this year to make it clear that no type of setback is going to be allowed in the matter of rights and freedoms.

Neither the Popular Party nor Citizens will have official representation in the march and will not carry a carriage unlike other parties, such as PSOE and Podemos, although "as in any demonstration, they will be free to join on foot in equal conditions", as pointed out by the COGAM, the LGTB + Collective of Madrid, which organizes the march.

This veto has led Vox to describe COGAM as a "sectarian chiringuito", which "does not represent all gays, lesbians and transsexuals", and to raise the possibility that "the organization in Madrid of things that are only done for some. "

Citizens, who has reiterated this Friday that he will attend the demonstration because "he has never missed the appointment," expects COGAM to "reconsider and rectify", even though the orange formation has not signed the decalogue that urged the parties to not use the votes of the extreme right to govern, among other measures in defense of LGTBI rights.

The proposal to revert LGTBI rights has also been received with concern by the Government, as stated by the Interior Minister, Fernando Grande-Marlaska, who believes that we must "rethink about the ease" with which this issue is discussed.

In addition, the head of Health, Maria Luisa Carcedo, has said that the "upsurges of intolerance" against the collective require a "strong response from the whole society."

According to forecasts, about 1,600 officers of the National Police and Municipal Police of Madrid will monitor tomorrow this march, the central celebration of the Pride, to ensure the safety of all those attending the demonstration and subsequent events and avoid theft, assault and hate crimes against the LGTBI collective.

The Municipal Police has warned that hate crimes will be specially monitored and those attending the Pride celebration will have four specialized Diversity Management Unit posts.

In order to attend falls and dizziness, in addition to dehydration or possible alcohol intoxication, 215 members of Samur-Civil Protection will work, which will deploy seven field hospitals with advanced basic life support.

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