October 28, 2020

The Pride proclamation advocates a new normality “better than the previous one”

The new normality is the main protagonist of the MADO Madrid Pride 2020 proclamation, in which various personalities of the LGTBI collective ask that it be “better than the previous normality” and in which “diversity, free love, respect and tolerance “be the basis for a new society.

A new normal “loaded with visibility, struggle, diversity and freedom,” says La Plexy, official presenter of the proclamation, in which the actress Iztiar Castro also calls for “the visibility of lesbians, bisexuals, and intersexual. So that there are no minorities in the minorities and ‘everyone’ we feel proud of our rights. “

The also actress Jedet wishes that “the LGBTI-phobic insults be erased from the blackboards of the schools”, whose classrooms continue to be full “of children and young people who have to continue to hide their identity in order not to be harassed. This is the time for this change, it is time to educate in joy and diversity. “

For Lola Rodríguez, it is essential that the rainbow look “beyond the big cities”. “Let’s make that change, so we don’t have to go back to the closet every time we go home,” asks the actress.

Companion also in the performing arts, Isabel Torres, asks the new normal “that the streets are also a safe space for the group.” “We want to be who we are without it being a danger to our integrity.”

Paca la Piranha would like to “honor” the memory of older people, “that they always remember what they suffered until they got here”; and Daniela Santiago demands that the rights of “trans” people be guaranteed “once and for all”, that she create a comprehensive law that “recognizes our citizenship and our full integration.”

Water polo player Víctor Rodríguez goes further and wishes that “the new normality fills stadiums and courts with diversity, that all those who live in disguise in sports teams can remove their masks and so that the locker rooms for the locker rooms stop be closed cabinets. “

The presenter Carlos Sobera, hopes that this new normality will prevail “not only after Covid-19 but after ending another deadly virus such as intolerance. Being empathetic is what characterizes us as human beings and is also what that allows us to understand that love is that, love, fundamentally love, without limitations, without complexes, without cliches “.

Finally, Juan Carlos Alonso, general coordinator of MADO, hopes that this year more than ever “the colors of the rainbow will hang from each place where two people come together as if it were a sprig of mistletoe; that the message of freedom, respect and love reaches every corner of the world. “


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