The prices of the house raise in Madrid almost 29% in two years

The prices of the house raise in Madrid almost 29% in two years


A round figure serves to illustrate the rally that has registered the price of housing in the last two years in Madrid is that between March 2016 and June 2018 it skyrocketed 28.9% in the capital, according to the latest update made by, a panel driven by several players in the sector that uses big data technology to analyze the price of more than 20 million homes throughout the country.

However, this growth has not occurred with the same intensity in all areas of the city: in eight districts, prices have risen above the municipal average, with Chamberí breaking all the marks with a 45.08%. The district of Moratalaz is where the price of housing has risen least in this same period, 20.26%. A not insignificant fact that shows that the sector scales continuously in its prices.

In the first half of 2018, housing in the capital rose by 7.77%, in front of 6.07% in the community and the 3.93% at the national level. A sign that Madrid is one of the main focuses of the rise, due, according to, to large factors such as economic growth and "the relationship between supply and demand," according to the portal statement. And he continues: "Usually there is an expansive wave that makes the recovery of prices gradually spread from one area to another."

Thus, from this portal point to expect an evolution of housing prices in districts that have already exceeded the municipal average in such a way that it moderates, while in those where it is below the trend will be upward.


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