February 26, 2021

The prices of flights to Madrid skyrocket: it costs less to travel to Europe or to go from Madrid to New York – La Provincia

Travel from the Canary Islands to a European destination orgo from Madrid to New YorkIt can cost this summer much less than flying between the island and the capital of Spain. And, as he has been able to verifyThe Voice of Lanzarotethrough the web pages of the airlines that operate between both destinations, there are round-trip flights betweenLanzarote and Madrid that even exceed 900 eurosfor theno residents.

The data shows a complaint that users of the Canary Islands, some parties and also the tourist employers have been raising since the entry into force of thenew residents discount, which increased the aid of 50 to75%. Since then, although in low season or on days with less occupancy flights are still found at prices similar to those that were before, what has skyrocketed are the maximum prices of tickets, which reach vertigo figures.

In the case of Iberia Express, there are flights ofMadrid to Lanzarote andn the months of July and August, which reach 475 euros per trip, while from Lanzarote to Madrid they reach 414 euros, prices very similar to those registered inAir Europe, where there are flights from the island to the capital of Spain that reach up to 469 euros and from Madrid to Lanzarote that cost up to 433 euros.

As toRyanair, which is the other company that operates betweenLanzarote and Madrid,flying between both destinations in the next two months is somewhat cheaper but, even so, roundtrip flights can reach over 600 euros. And there are days when the price per trip is above 300 euros, despite being a supposedlow cost company.

In addition, although in the case ofIberia Express and Air Europathe highest prices are recorded in rates that already include carry-on and checked baggage (in days where no other option is already offered), in the case of Ryanair they are registered in their standard rate, with which only a small bag is allowed of luggage on board. So, if you want to add a suitcase of 20 kilograms invoiced, the price would rise by 60 euros, so a round trip for a non-resident and would be around 700.

Flights to European destinations from 30 euros the way

The high prices that are registered in flights from Lanzarote to Madrid and that have soared in recent months make it so that flying from Madrid to distant destinations such as New York is cheaper than doing it to the island of volcanoes. In fact, specifically on the Air Europa website, you can find them in Julyreturn flights from Madrid to the US city for less than 800 eurosFor this summer.

In addition, this also makes residents in Lanzarote just notice the discount of 75% that came into force a year ago, or even that you end up paying more if you need to fly on specific dates. And is that on certain days, a round trip ticket between the island and Madrid can reach more than 200 euros after applying the discount.

In this way, flying from Lanzarote to Europe can be much cheaper than doing it to Madrid even with the resident discount. For example, in the case of Ryanair, you can find flights from the island to Berlin or Brussels from just over 30 euros each way in the months of July and August. However, except for some dates at the beginning of July, almost all Ryanair returns between Lanzarote and Madrid for this summer far exceed those 30 euros after applying the discount – and even those peaks of more than 90 euros per trip are recorded- , despite the fact that residents only pay 25% of the ticket.

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