Mon. Dec 9th, 2019

The price that Manchester United puts on Pogba

Manchester United refused to negotiate for Pogba when Real Madrid asked about him and once the transfer market in the Premier had closed without the English team signing a player with which to cover his possible loss, at the Bernabéu they have almost closed the door for your signing. As Jugones announced, Pogba does not now enter the plans of the white team.

Or at least, it does not do so at the price of the 180 million that United had requested by the player, at an unattainable price. But the summer of signings in the Spanish League is still very long and everything could happen. After his preseason, it is likely that Real Madrid will sign and we will have to see if Manchester United lowers its claims if the player presses something more than he has done so far. According to The Mirror, the English newspaper, United sees "uncertain" the future of the player and points out that the price of the player could have fallen to 160 million euros.

Pogba is the main request of Zidane. This is what he asked Real Madrid for the project and the white club has tried to satisfy his coach, but he has not been able to carry out so far. Another situation would be if Manchester enters to negotiate and agrees to speak with Real Madrid, which has not happened. The Premier has already begun and in their first meeting, the French midfielder was a key player in the victory of the English team.

Solskjaer, the coach who replaced Mourinho on the Old Trafford bench has been the first to defend that Pogba cannot move from the team. He considers him a key player to grow a team that does not go through its best moments right now. Without playing the Champions League, United has to regain the prestige it has lost by not competing with the best in the European football elite, but also with the most powerful English football teams. Pogba is the player who has to put the differential fact, the one that brings United closer to the biggest and that makes him refuse to sell it.

With a signed contract, Real Madrid's options go through United: if you sit down to negotiate, if you listen to the soccer player's wishes, there will be some possibility. As that has not happened, in the Bernabéu they do not think of Pogba for now.

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