Wed. Feb 26th, 2020

The price of the butane bottle rebounds 4.86% and will cost 12.74 euros

The butane bottle of 12.5 kilos, which consume about eight million homes in Spain, will rise 4.86% from November 19 and will cost 12.74 euros -59 cents more-, which breaks with five consecutive declines this year.

This increase is due to the increase in the international price of raw materials, which has been 35.3%, as well as freight rates (5.3%) and the depreciation of the euro against the dollar (0.6% ) versus the previous two-month period, according to the Ministry for Ecological Transition.

The current regulations limit the increases and decreases of bottled liquefied gas to 5% and, if it did not exist, the increase in the price of the bottle from November 19 would have been 12%.

The price of the butane bottle is reviewed every two months and is the first time that it goes up in a review during the year 2019, after in the January review it broke with a run of three consecutive increases that began in July 2018.

Despite this rise, the bottle will be from November 19 2.59 euros cheaper compared to November last year, that is, its price will be 16.9% lower than what it had then with this increase.

The new price will be in force for two months, until the third Tuesday of January 2020, when the Ministry for Ecological Transition revises it again based on the international prices of the raw material, the exchange rate or the marketing costs.

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