Sun. Jan 26th, 2020

The price of the butane bottle breaks its downward trend and will rise 4.86% as of this Tuesday

The average price of the butane bottle of 12.5 kilograms will rise 4.86% from this Tuesday, November 19, standing at 12.74 euros, compared to the 12.15 euros it currently costs.

This increase is due to the rise in the international price of raw materials (+ 35.3%), as well as freight rates (+ 5.3%), and the depreciation of the euro against the dollar (0.6%) with respect to the previous two months.

If the price variation limitation established in the current regulations – located both upwards and downwards by 5% – was not applied – the increase would have been 12%, sources from the Ministry for Ecological Transition indicated.

This increase in the price of the butane bottle will be the first so far in 2019, after five consecutive descents had been chained throughout this year

The regulated price affects the butane bottles most commonly used by households, containers with a load equal to or greater than eight kilograms and less than 20 kilos. About eight million people use the butane bottle in Spain. CHANNELED LPG WILL INCREASE 4.8%.

On the other hand, the sales prices of the channeled LPG will register for a type consumer (500 kg) an increase in its after-tax invoice of 4.8% with respect to the prices in force.

This increase is due to the increase compared to the previous month of the international price of propane (+ 11.3%) and butane (+ 10.8%), as well as the increase in freight prices (+ 14.9% ).

As of Tuesday, November 19, the variable term of the LPG sales rate per pipeline for end users, before taxes, will be worth 72 cents per kilogram.

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