The price of housing rises on average 1.96% in the last year to 1,848 euros per square meter




The average price of second-hand housing in Spain has reached 1,848 euros per square meter in July of this year, which represents a rise of 0.15% compared to the previous month. A rebound that in year-on-year terms has reached 1.96% since the average value stood at 1,812 euros per square meter, according to the ‘Monthly Sales Price Report’ prepared by the real estate portal

The study establishes the most expensive regions in July 2021. This classification is headed Balearics with a price of 3,191 euros per square meter, Madrid (3,033 euros / square meter) and Basque Country (2,796 euros / square meter). Among the cheapest are Extremadura (800 euros / square meter), Castilla – La Mancha (827 euros / square meter) and Murcia (1,058 euros / square meter). In the year-on-year comparison, the most relevant increases have been Madrid (7.68%), Murcia (6.70%) and Valencia (3.88%), while there have been adjustments in the Balearic Islands (-2.71%), Navarra (-1.85%) and Asturias (-1.73%).

In relation to the provinces, the real estate portal has indicated that the most relevant increases in July have occurred in Lleida (9.53%), Zamora (7.90%) and Santa Cruz de Tenerife (7.82%). On the other hand, the falls in prices in the provinces of Jaén (-6.22%), Palencia (-6.17%) and Córdoba (-5.17%) have stood out. If a classification of the provinces by price is elaborated; the most expensive in July of this year has been Balearic Islands (3,191 euros per square meter), Guipúzcoa (3,120 euros / square meter) and Madrid (3,033 euros per square meter). The cheapest has been Ciudad Real (645 euros / square meter); Jaén (703 euros / square meter) and Cuenca (719 euros / square meter).

Regarding the provincial capitals, the most intense increases compared to July 2020 have occurred in Guadalajara (9.38%), Lleida (8.20%) and Valencia (7.60%). Those that fell the most were Jaén (-7.81%), Palencia (-6.22%) and Ávila (-1.74%). If the provincial capitals are ordered by price, Donostia-San Sebastian it has been the most expensive, with 5,368 euros per square meter. They followed Barcelona (€ 4,295 / square meter) and Madrid (3,963 euros / square meter). Once again, the city of Jaén was the most affordable with 1,075 euros per square meter. Other cheap provincial capitals have been Ávila (1,087 euros / square meter) and Ciudad Real (1,107 euros / square meter).

Regarding this report, the Director of Studies at Ferran Font explained that «prices still do not give big surprises, with slight increases and adjustments, which is good news for the Spanish economy, which has a faithful ally in the real estate sector ”. For his part, Font added that “savings, which reached record highs at the end of last year, are looking back at the brick » and noted that “it is likely that this summer activity in the housing market will not decline as it has in other years.”

In this sense, Font has added that before the progressive return to normality “The sale and purchase operations and the granting of mortgages are going to step on the accelerator” by the end of the year and pointed out that we must not lose sight of the impact on the sector of the new Housing Law, which is still being negotiated.

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