The price of gasoline falls to its annual minimum – The Province

The price of gasoline falls to its annual minimum - The Province

The price of gasoline has chained itsninth consecutive week of descentsto fall to its minimum of the year, at the gates of the Christmas holidays.

In particular, the average price of the liter of gasoline has been reduced this week by 1.06%,standing at 1,211 euros, a level that did not mark since November 2017, according to data from the EU Oil Bulletin collected by Europa Press.

Since the highs of the year that he played in October,The price of a liter of gasoline accumulates a drop of 10.7%, which has taken him to the doors of the end of the year to touch its lowest levels so far in 2018.

In the case of the price of liter of diesel, whose taxation is expected to be increased by the Government in 2019, this week has also added its seventh consecutive fall, after experiencing a decline of 1.1%, to stand at 1,163 euros.

This price is the lowest since last April that records the liter of diesel, which has fallen by 9.4% from the annual highs that touched last October.

In this way, both fuels are moving away from annual records, and maximum since late 2014, which had touched in mid-October after the upward spiral in which they entered since August in the heat of the rise in oil prices.

This fall in the prices of gasoline and diesel will be a great relief for the pockets of drivers in this Christmas period, in which the Directorate General of Traffic (DGT) foresees18.3 million tripsfrom this Friday, December 21 until January 7.

This Thursday the price of a barrel of Brent crude, a benchmark in Europe, was trading slightly above 55 dollars, while the American Texas was trading at around 46.5 dollars.

Cheaper in Spain than in the EU

Gasoline is cheaper in Spain than in the EU average and the euro zone, where the average sale price of the Euro-Super 95 liter of fuel stands at 1,367 euros and 1,413 euros, respectively, while the liter of diesel costs an average of 1.33 euros in the EU and 1,329 euros in the eurozone.

The lower level of final prices with respect to neighboring countries is due to the fact that Spain, despite the increases inVAT, the higher taxes and the biodiesel taxes,continues to have lower fiscal pressure, in general, than the community average.


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