The price of gasoline and gas has reached a new record since October 2014 – La Provincia

The price of gasoline and gas has reached a new record since October 2014 - La Provincia

The prices of diesel and gasoline have risen this week to anew annual recordafter rebounding to more than 1%, thus touching maximums that did not see since October 2014.

According to data from the EU Oil Bulletin collected by Europa Press, the average price ofliter of dieselhas chained its third consecutive week of increases,after rising 1.02%,to be placed at 1,284 euros, a new annual maximum for this fuel and a level that did not touch since the end of October 2014.

So far this year, the liter of diesel, fuel whose taxation the new Government ofPedro Sánchezwill rise by 670 million euros,it has cost more than 12%.

For its part, the average price of the liter of gasoline has also risen this week again, with a rise of 0.37%,to be at 1,356 euros, with which it signs a new annual maximum and touches some levels that were not seen also since the end of October 2014.

This increase is part of the upward spiral in which oil prices are immersed, after a few weeks ago they rebounded strongly with the decision of the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) not to increase its production.

This Thursday the price of a barrel of Brent crude, a reference in Europe, exceeded $ 79, about 2.5 dollars less than a week ago, while the American Texas was exchanged at 68.22 dollars, almost three dollars less.

16% and 12.4% more expensive than a year ago

With respect to the same dates of last year, the liter of diesel is almost 16% more expensive, while in the case of gasoline it is 12.4% higher.

In this way, at current prices, filling a 55-liter diesel tank costs 70.62 euros, which is 9.7 euros more than in the first week of October last year.

In the case of gasoline, the filling of a 55-liter tank is for the consumer 74.58 euros, about 8.25 euros more than a year ago.

Cheaper in Spain than in the EU

Despite the increases experienced by gasoline and diesel, gasoline is cheaper in Spain than in the EU average and the eur areaor, where the average price of sale of the Euro-Super 95 liter of fuel to the public is 1,490 euros and 1,535 euros, respectively, while the liter of diesel costs 1,422 euros in the EU average and 1,4127 euros in the eurozone.

The lower level of final prices with respect to neighboring countries is due to the fact that Spain, despite the increases inVAT, to thehigher taxes and taxes on biodiesel,continues to have a lower tax burden, in general, than the community average.


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