The price of fuels touches maximum in this summer - The Province

The price of gasoline and dieselhas chained its third consecutive week of increases, which consolidates a new upward trend and is located inmaximum so far this summer.

In particular, the average price of a liter of gasolineit has risen by 0.76%, to stand at 1,321 euros, while the average price of liter of diesel has risen this week by 0.41%, to stand at 1.21 euros, according to the Oil Bulletin of theEuropean Unionconsulted by Europa Press.

Both fuels thus consolidate the upward trend in which they entered at the end of last June and which has led them to add so far this summer one rise after another.

So far this year 2019, the price of a liter of gasoline accumulatesan increase of 12%, while the liter of diesel is 7% more expensive.

With this level of prices, the filling of an average fuel tank of 55 liters currently costs 72.65 euros, 7.8 euros more expensive than at the beginning of the year, while in the case of gas oil it amounts to 66.55 euros, 4.45 euros more expensive than at the beginning of January.

The barrel of crude

The increase registered in the last dates in the prices of fuels comes accompanied by the rebound in recent weeks in the price of oil, especially last week.

The barrel of Brent crude, a reference in Europe,He was trading this Thursday at 63.57 dollars, while the American Texas was exchanged at $ 56.62.

Gasoline is stillcheaper in Spain than in the EU averageand the euro zone, where the average sale price of the liter has been contained and even decreased. Thus, the Euro-Super 95 fuel stands at 1,446 euros and 1,495 euros, respectively, while the liter of diesel costs on average 1,329 euros in the EU and 1,328 euros in the eurozone.

The lower level of final prices with respect to neighboring countries is due to the fact that Spain, despite the increases inVAT, to higher taxes and taxes on biodiesel, it still has a lower tax burden, in general, than the community average.

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