The price at each gas station this Friday: check the cheapest gasoline in your area

Source: Ministry for Ecological Transition

The figures on the previous map come from the data sent by more than 11,000 Spanish service stations to the Ministry for the Ecological Transition and the Demographic Challenge, which are updated every half hour.

Due to the increase in prices due to the war in Ukraine, this Friday morning there were already more than 400 pumps in which 98-octane gasoline cost 2 euros per liter or more. Gasoline with a lower octane rating, 95, was also sold for more than 2 euros at 14 gas stations; and the same occurred with diesel A in 26 points of sale. On the map you can see the data in real time with the latest figures sent by each station.

The following graph shows you the gap in the average price of diesel in each province, according to the latest available data:

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