The previous round of the Copa del Rey: 20 modest, to earn the dream of playing against a First


11/08/2021 –

The qualifying round of the Copa del Rey 2021/22 will be played on Wednesday 17 with the participation of twenty teams of territorial categories, of which the ten winners will acquire the right to achieve the dream of face a First Division set.

The schedules of the previous eliminatory:

15.00 Naln – Solares medio Cudeyo

19.00 Utrillas – Graft

19.30 Villager – Unami

19.30 Victoria – Hernani

20.00 San Agustn del Guadalix – Mora

20.30 CFI Alicante – Ceuta June 6

20.30 CD Villa de Fortuna – Atltico Espeleo

20.30 CD Laguna – Jaraiz

20.30 Mollerussa – Penya Independent

21.00 Huracn Melilla – Atarfe Industrial

The draw for the first round will take place on Friday, November 19. All teams of the highest category will enter it Except for the four participants in the Spanish Super Cup, Atltico de Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Real Madrid and Athletic Club.


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