December 3, 2020

The prestigious dance company La Veronal returns to the Cuys Theater with 'Voronia'

La Veronal, one of the most prestigious contemporary dance companies in the country, returns tonight to the Cuys Theater, where debut a few years ago with the pieceSiena,to interpret this timeVoronia,at 8:30 p.m. On the orders of the 2013 National Dance Prize, Marcos Morau, who along with Kukai Dantza participated in another award-winning project,Oskara,also scheduled in Cuys the training returns to the campus ofCabildo of Gran Canariawith a proposal that asks what is wrong and where is evil. In an attempt to find answers and relying on a collective creation choreography, images and texts, their dancers go underground to the deepest cave in the world, a cavity located in Cucaso, called Voronia.

Ace,VoroniaIt becomes an allegory of the unspeakable: a void where humanity's tendency to use the pretexts of good and innocence to reach all kinds of violence takes shape, according to those responsible.

In that enigmatic place, "the one god of a thousand religions becomes the best reason to do the worst" and "a hallucinated humanity, almost without realizing it, goes down all levels of its moral abyss, all the circles of its Hades, without ceasing to celebrate and celebrate, accompanied by all the pain and symbols and rituals and declogues that have been invented to believe, convinced to go up while an irresistible force precipitates it towards a total, underground and banal absence of good ", add.


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